Easter Sunday is family day in my house. Which usually means it consists of three things, family, obviously, food and activities. This year we packed up the kiddies and headed out towards Guildford to spend it with my Grandad and his lovely wife Nina. First activity of the day was pitch and putt (not as easy as crazy golf, but easier than a normal course). We arrived at Frimley Lodge Park where we grabbed some clubs and went in search of the 9 hole course.



IMG_0979I think its important at this point to let you all know we are NOT a golfing family! Other than my step dad who was clearly the pro of our group, which consisted of a 6, 8 and 10 year old, my mother and I who other than crazy golf have never played a real game and Nina and my Grandad who actually were rather good compared to my mum and I! Regardless, we set off super positive and excited!



^ My sister was really good at missing the ball! Bless her!




^ Getting tips from the pro!




As you may have gathered, we weren’t great! We decided after the first 7 shots (on the first hole!) that it wasn’t worth keeping score! I think that was for the best as i 100% would have come last! But we managed 7 out of the 9 holes which was pretty good going if you ask me! By that point we were all a little chilly and hungry so we headed back to Grandad’s.


I spotted this sign on the way out and it really made me chuckle!


Back at Grandad’s it appeared that the Easter Bunny had stopped by while we were out, so the kids ran around the garden hunting for eggs while the grown ups prepped dinner.






^ The lovely view from their garden, the rolling hills of Surrey.

Just as the last egg had been equally shared out, lunch was ready, so we all sat down to a lovely feast that Nina had prepared.


Everything tasted amazing as always, Nina is a pretty great chef it has to be said! When all the plates had been cleared, grandad lit a fire and the vintage board games came out. What better way to spend Easter sunday!?


What did you all get up to? If you weren’t able to spend it with your families i hope you did something equally as lovely. Happy Easter all x


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