Pillow Fight!!!!!

Ed is great at finding out about cool, not well publicised events. I’ve decided he should be the blogger! He claims most of finds are just due to reading TimeOut, but i’m not so sure! So when he told me about the annual pillow fight that takes place in Trafalgar Square i was very excited to see and possibly partake in a little pillow action!

IMG_0969We arrived a little late, and getting off the tube already spotted a couple of people heading back, pillow in hand. We didn’t take this as a good omen! However, walking across from Charring Cross, we could see the huge crowds of people swarming around to watch the fun! We nestled in too and could see the fight was well under way already!



The boys decided it looked a little tame, so we went around the front so they could go in and show them who’s boss!







It didn’t take them long to realise it was no way near as tame as it looked! It was mayhem! There was also a surprising amount of children getting right in the middle of the action having a great time! The fight was great fun, and before long the boys were all tuckered out, so we went to grab some lunch and a coffee to warm up before heading home with our pillows to snuggle up on the sofa and nap!

I would highly recommend going to this next year, it starts at 2pm, you have to bring your own pillow, so don’t forget that! And it’s great for the whole family. If your little ones don’t want to get too involved in the action, you can have your own mini fight on the outskirts of all the action. It’s just a shame it’s only on once a year!

Did any of you go? What did you think? Will you be returning next year?


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