My best friends birthday!

I have this best friend Kevin. She’s small and very funny! Last week it was her birthday. (Her name’s not really Kevin by the way! That’s just what i call her! Her “real” name is Olivia)


She’s not big on birthday’s but i am, so every year i try and do something a little special for her to make sure she has a great day!

This year i just so happened to be working from home on her birthday which meant i could join everyone for her birthday lunch in Thames Mead.




We went to the Vintage Inns for lunch which is a beautiful little pub right on the river. Seeing as it was possibly the nicest day of the year so far we were surprised/lucky enough to grab a table outside.


The slightly hung over birthday girl opted for the chicken burger, Meems and i had the fish finger sandwich and Nat had the aubergine wrap.




^ Attempting to be healthy with a side salad!

I didn’t manage to get any photos of the wrap im afraid, but trust me when i say it looked REAL good! As we were chomping through our delicious lunch our lovely friend Ryan (also who’s birthday it was!) arrived with his beautiful pup teddy.

We finished our food really quickly and ran over to have some cuddles with teddy before everyone shooting back to continue their working day!





^ Look at that little face! Isn’t he beautiful!


Lunch was delightful but i had to head back to get on with some more work, before the main event in the evening!

I picked up the birthday girl later on and we headed into London. She had no idea what we were doing and i had planned two little clues for her so she could try and guess! Kevin’s fave food is pizza, what with her being half Italian, so her first surprise was dinner at Fire & Stone in covent garden. Fire & Stone is a gourmet pizza restaurant that has a HUGE wood burning stove in the middle of the restaurant that all the pizza’s are cooked in. I’m told it gives them that amazing smokey flavour! I don’t eat pizza so i can’t say that first hand!


I booked through trusty bookatable and managed to get us a great deal that they have on at the moment, 2 courses and a glass of prosecco for £15! Bargain! Click here if you want to book. So we both had the breaded mushrooms with a spicy garlic mayo to start. They were juicy and delicious and the mayo gave it just the right amount of kick!


For main the birthday girl picked a classic Naples pizza and i had bolognese as i’m not a fan of pizza.





Once we had gobbled down all our food and downed all our porsecco, we paid up and kevin got her final birthday clue! I gave her a little card with a lion on it, and inside it said “wana go see some dancing lions?” Any ideas what it could be……..?

Tickets to go and see the Lion King!





Obviously i couldn’t take any photo’s of the show sadly, but my god was it incredible! I would say its possibly one of the best shows i’ve ever seen! The costumes and the way the actors move to make the costumes look like real animals are just amazing! If you haven’t seen it already you REALLY must! All in all it was an amazing evening, we had so much fun. Kevin i hope you had the bestest birthday ever!!! Love you always darling! x

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