Crazy Bear Delights

Apologies for my huge lack of blogging last week. I am oh so sorry! Work has been crazy and in the run up to my birthday i was running around trying to get everything sorted!

Anyways, normality will commence, i hope! So a week or so ago i was doing my usual, browsing bookatable and came across a great deal for Crazy Bear in Fitzrovia. 10 plate, premium sharing menu for only £29.50 (the deal is still on if you want to book it, click here)! Now i’ve wanted to try Crazy Bear ever since my manager at work got to go with a client and came back raving about it, but haven’t had a chance to get round to it. So when i saw the deal i had to snap it up! Ed is a pretty big fan too so that didn’t take much convincing!


For anyone that doesn’t know the Crazy Bear brand, they are a group of restaurants/hotels that are every bit as opulent as you could imagine! Think over the top glits and sparkle, but done in the most incredible way, not tacky at all. They have three venue’s one in Beaconsfield, one in Stadhampton and one in Fitzrovia where we went.

The restaurant at the Fitzrovia venue is Thai/Asian food, my fave, so you can understand my excitement! We arrived a little early after a couple of cocktails at the Experimental Cocktail Club just down the road. We were lead down the grand red carpeted stair case to the bar.


Everything about this venue is stunning and the bar is no exception, with little nooks and crannies to cuddle up in it makes for the perfect date spot.




When our table was ready we were lead back up the stair case to the very elegant dinning room. Bare in mind that we went on a wednesday night, it was still packed!



Now for the main event! The food!


The courses came think and fast, which came with no complaints at our end as we were starving! We started with Thai prawn crackers and a sweet chilli dip, a classic and always a winner in my book! Next we had a seaweed, prawn and crab salad, really light and fresh, followed by a mixed sushi platter and a bowl of edamame beans coated in chilli and salt. IMG_1078




Everything was absolutely amazing, my fave being the sushi platter obviously, specifically the salmon and avocado roll, it was so light and despite looking very unladylike while eating it, id have it again 100% next time i’m there.

I was already getting a little full after just the starters! But before i knew it the mains were served. Another one of my faves, Thai red curry with roasted duck, grilled asparagus in a teriyaki sauce, prawn noodle stir fry and a japanese salad.





I’m not usually the biggest fan of duck, mainly because it can be a little fatty, but this was to die for! The sauce was incredible and i was almost tempted to lick the bowl after just to make sure i got every last mouthful…..i didn’t obviously but i was very very tempted! The only thing that was a little disappointing was the prawn stir fry, it was a little dry and a little sparse on the prawns, but everything else more than made up for it. The asparagus was cooked to perfection and the teriyaki sauce complimented it SO well!

After the mains i really didn’t think i could eat another thing! Thankfully our waitress could see us holding our tummies in bloating delight and said she would hold off on the dessert for a while! The staff and the service really was amazing, everyone was happy and helpful the whole way through.

Eventually we decided we might just be able to fit in some pudding, so our waitress whisked over our mojito cheese cake, something i was very intrigued to try.


It tastes as amazing as it looks! One of those dishes that really needs to be eaten all together though! Ed and i tried the sorbet by itself and it was SO bitter, but as soon as you try it with the cheese cake it tasted wonderful. I always find it amazing how chef’s do that!

Sufficiently full to the brim we paid up and headed home, completely bewildered at how it had gotten so late, whats the saying “time flys when your having fun!” I really really suggest you head over there, this place is one that can’t be missed, especially with the deal on at the moment. Their menu normally is pretty pricy, so take advantage while you can, plus while we were there they have half price champagne, you really can’t ask for anything more!!!

Square Meal


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