All Star Lanes

April is just a month full of birthday’s for me! From the very start, and every week thereafter i have a birthday to celebrate. The second birthday i had was my darling friend Shay’s.

I love Shay, she’s one of those girls that you know your guaranteed to have a good night with, regardless of what it is you have planned. Hence why i was more than happy to head over to All Star Lanes on brick lane to help her celebrate this year.



For those of you that have been living under a rock, All Star Lanes is a chain of bowling ally’s that also does really good food unlike most bowling ally’s. They have a proper full menu, as opposed to just your standard burger and hot dog choices you usually get, as well as a great cocktail menu. Everything you need for a great night! They do a really great deal whereby you can pay £33 and you get your bowling, 2 courses and a cocktail all included. Who could say no to that eh!?

I arrived a little late so everyone was already chomping at the bit to get going!


^ The birthday girl in the middle


Unsurprisingly, drinks were already more than flowing at the table!

The dinning area was pretty packed when i arrived and is decked out with red booths and wooden tables, American dinner style, with a bar at the entrance. It has a really lovely fun feel to it from the min you walk in.008



We grabbed the menu’s and got ordering. There was a pretty big table of us all and i must say the service was great dealing with us all. Were a pretty demanding lot!



While we were waiting for our food, the waitress came over and gave the birthday girl the name cards for our bowling game. Thankfully i managed to get a snap of them before she filled them in, as all the names were very inappropriate!


Once filled in, you hand them back to the staff and they get your names loaded up into the system so your ready to play straight away once you’ve finished your food. Very efficient!

Before we knew it the food arrived and my goodness, the portions were HUGE! I ordered the popcorn squid with garlic mayo, and to be totally honest with you, i could have had that as a main meal!


The squid was perfectly battered, light and crispy and not too chewy which is just how i like it. The mayo also needs a shout out! Garlicy but with also just the right amount of spice, i wanted to bottle it up and take some home! Sadly the girls wouldn’t let me ask! Also how cute is the little box that it comes in, it’s the little touches like that, that really make somewhere great!

As there were so many of us it was pretty hard to get pictures of everyone else’s food i’m afraid, but there were no complaints, and i heard raving reviews from everyone that went for the chicken wings.

For main i chose a big juicy burger and sweet potato fries (which i barely touched as i was SO full already!)


Just looking at it is making my mouth water again! It was cooked to perfection, still lovely and pink inside and so much melted cheese you wouldn’t know what to do with it all! The handful of sweet potato fries i did manage to fit in were also lovely, light and crispy.

Feeling fit to burst and a little sick after force feeding myself all that food, it all tasted so good i didn’t want to leave any of it, it was nearly time for bowling, but not before the birthday cake, obviously! The birthday girl was ordered to finish all her drinks first though!




We were all so full that the cake actually had to go back in the box! I’m sure it was devoured later!

But now it was time for the main event! BOWLING!


We all trotted through to the ally’s and started the rather long winded process of getting our bowling shoes sorted.



Once we were all suited and booted it was time to begin! The bowling ally itself is decked out with its own bar so you can keep drinking (priority no.1!). They have amazing luminous bowling balls and some real cool bikes up on the wall. I was pretty desperate to get my hands on one!






The ally’s are reserved mainly for people that have eaten first which means they are never packed and you don’t have to wait to play which is always a winner. As there were so many of us we had two lanes. Let the games begin!







^ My strike face! Apologies for the pretty blurred photos, everyone was a little LOT drunk by this point!

As you can see we were taking it all really seriously! I sadly had to leave early as i had to catch the train home, so i don’t know who won! But when i left i had already managed a strike and a spare (defo not with the barriers up!) so its safe to assume if id stayed id have won……..not that i’m competitive or anything!

It was a great night and i would recommend heading over to one of their 5 venue’s. Its the perfect night for big kids who like drinking and some competitive socializing! Would also make a pretty good date night venue too.


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