My BIRTHDAY weekender, part one!

All of my friends will tell you, i’m a bit of a birthday princess! I’ve always loved birthdays and do my best to make a big deal about other peoples, therefore it should come as no surprise that i like to do the same for my own! This year was NO exception! I had planned a big old night out on the Saturday, family brunch on the Sunday morning and then was being whisked away for an amazing birthday surprise on the Sunday/Monday (my actual birthday!)

The night started out as sophisticated as you could imagine!




My beautiful birthday skirt was from here! And Meem’s lovely dress is from here!


Pre-drinks at my house in the garden, all very lady like! My lovely friend Meems baked me this ^ incredible cake! I got to open my presents, which i must say, i did amazingly well this year, super lucky!


^ My beautiful frame filled with pictures of me and my bestie, from my bestie!

We all piled into a huge cab and set off for Clapham Junction. The night really began to kick off at Be At One. Cocktails were flowing and all my bestest pals started to arrive.






11193327_10153365199988474_3432200754223355745_n (1)


I’m sure you’ve seen most of this lovely lot in previous posts I’ve done before! They really are a lovely bunch, not sure what i would do without them all!

More presents were opened, i told you i was lucky, and before i knew it we were all up dancing!



Promise I’m sober!!!



Soon enough we were all rather worse for ware. And what do girls do when that happens……….go home? NOOOOOOOOOO! Go DANCING! So that’s exactly what we did! We set off for DNA right by Clapham Junction station. For those of you that haven’t been its a really good night and well worth checking out.

It’s from here on in that things get a little less lady like! Too much booze was consumed, but i have to say i had one of the funnest nights I’ve had in a long time! I will share a couple of photos with you all so you don’t feel left out, but only a couple. Remember, it was my birthday, don’t judge me!!!








I’m sure you can all imagine the state i was in by the end of the night. Which in turn made family brunch on Sunday rather difficult! I was very hung over. My amazing mum had put on the best spread too! There were croissants, fruit salad, yogurts, fresh juices and for main, eggs Benedict! Due to my horrendous state i was struggling to eat any of it, but it all looked and smelt amazing! After a quick afternoon nap to try and help me recover, i was finally allowed to find out what my birthday surprise was that my amazing boyfriend had organised………..An over night stay at Foxhills in Ottershaw!!! If anything was going to drag me out of bed it was that!


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