Birthday weekender – Foxhills!

In my very fragile state i clambered out of bed and packed my overnight bag, making sure i remembered my swim stuff, gym stuff and a fancy outfit for dinner! We jumped in the car and after making a quick pitstop for recovery snacks made the quick 15min drive over to the AMAZING Foxhills!

This place is just STUNNING!!!!! As you pull in through the huge gates you quickly get your first glimpse of the manor house between the tree lined drive way.



Anyone that tries to say this place isn’t incredible is out of their minds! Out in the middle of nowhere it gives that real feeling of seclusion and peacefulness, while the manor house is like something out of a fairy tale.

We parked the car and headed inside to check in. In my somewhat hung over/amazed state i have to say i really failed on the picture front, apologies! But its safe to say the inside of the manor is just as beautiful as the outside. Its beautifully done and while being totally in sync with the outside decor it isn’t outdated or old looking.

We were given a little map of where our room was and off we went through the cutest little court yard which is only for residence.


Our room was just stunning, and SO HUGE!!! The boy had booked a junior suit, so there was so much room for activities!! The bathroom was also glorious, i honestly just cant rave about this place enough.


Once bags were dumped and cossy’s were on, we set off for the spa. It was exactly what i wanted/needed to help me recover from a heavy night of drinking the night before. With a heated swimming pool, hydro pool, two jacuzzis, one inside and one outside, sauna, steam room and a “natural pool” i was in pure heaven! We spent most of the afternoon rotating our way around the amazing facilities. I was having such a lovely time we even had to move our dinner reservations out by an hour as i just couldn’t be prized away!



The out door sauna!


That’s the natural pool right there! Don’t even ask, i didn’t brave it!

Ed eventually did manage to get me out. We practically skipped back to the room in dressing gowns and slippers with no shame at all before getting all dolled up for dinner and heading straight back out again. Ed had booked us dinner at the fancy manor restaurant but as i was still feeling a little ropey we opted for their slightly more relaxed restaurant, nineteen, in the club house so as not to waste an amazing meal!

The staff at nineteen were so lovely and greeted us with a free glass of prosecco as a way of wishing me happy birthday! The service here all round was amazing to be fair, but in nineteen especially they did an amazing job. The food was also incredible. We shared a starter of humous and pitta bread followed by salmon with a butter sauce and fresh garden veggies, and pork medallions wrapped in parma ham. The salmon was cooked perfectly, still slightly pink in the middle and the butter sauce, although simple, was just fantastic. It all complimented each other perfectly, and made me feel totally human again!



After dinner, now that i was feeling 100% better again, we decided to stop in at the lounge in the manor and have one more glass of prosecco. The bar area is so beautifully decorated and has possibly the comfiest sofa i have ever sat in!



As we were having a little nose around, Ed spotted a couple of board games, one of which was guess who, one of my childhood faves! So we set ourselves up with prosecco and guess who and that was pretty much us for the rest of the night!


The following morning was my actual birthday!!!! I had the most incredible lay in ever and was then woken up with a stack of cards all containing different presents! The boy did sooooooooo good! After opening all my amazing gifts, i decided i wasn’t quite ready to face the world yet, so we ordered room service instead. And with the weather being so amazing (for the first year EVER may i add) we figured we had to eat it out on our patio by the pool. Everything was amazing, the food, the view, the setting. I was the happiest little birthday girl ever!!!!!


Breakfast devoured we got dressed in our sports kit and decided to go investigate the grounds properly as i hadn’t been up to it the day before. Foxhills, having everything covered obviously, already have a lovely little trim trail that guides you around their 400 aces of land. Just before it started though we discovered the kids adventure playground, and being the big kids that we are, we just couldn’t resist a quick go on everything as there were no kids around!








We even found a little birthday den for me!





Once we had made our way round the trail we decided we really should make full use of all the facilities and as golf was off the cards, due to my terrible skills, we opted for tennis instead which was equally pretty awful on my part, but fun none the less! And obviously after such a strenuous activity we needed to finish up back in the spa!




^ Look at that face! How lucky am i!!!! Only teasing!!! I really can’t thank him enough! He made this birthday absolutely amazing, you really are the bestest, thaaaaank you xxxx


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