Alice’s Adventures Underground

I have always loved Alice in Wonderland. I think the story is amazing, all be it a little crazy! So when i saw the posters up around the tube advertising Alice’s Adventures Underground, i knew i had to go. It also conveniently opened the same month as my birthday! So it was added to the growing list of birthday activities i already had arranged.

IMG_1503The show is on at The Vaults underneath waterloo station. Its a really great venue, though its a little tricky to find so make sure you google map it first.

I can honestly say i have never seen anything quite like this. I would actually go as far as to say its the best show i’ve ever been to in my life, and i’m a big fan of theatre! It’s immersion style theatre which essentially means your part of the performance, but don’t worry, not in a way that means you have to get up in front of people and join in singing and dancing! It’s far less intrusive and far more fun than that!

When you arrive you are stamped with the rabbits pocket watch, which i thought was a lovely touch! Didn’t manage to get a great picture of it though, apologies!


As long as you arrive early, which i highly recommend, you can sit down a grab a drink in the waiting area.




Once your time slot is called you all jump up and head on through to where the magic happens! Each show only contains up to 50 audience members so your not in a massive group, which is nice.

I don’t want to give too much away about the whole thing because you really do have to experience it for yourself, but what i will say is that every decision you make through out the show will determine what show you see. You could essentially go and see the show 4 times and have a totally different experience each time. Your first option is eat me or drink me. This is where your group first get’s split in half. From there everyone is then given an identity card, which also doubles up as your life time membership card to return to the Wonderland Bar. That’s all i’m going to say! The rest you really do need to see for yourself! You obviously can’t take photos during the performance and i wont be able to do it justice just describing it, so GO!

Everything about it is magical, the actors involved who lead you around are amazing and really get in to the role, the set is just UNREAL as are all the costumes! I can’t even begin to get my head around how much planning and work went into it, its just incredible! Once your 90min show has drawn to an end you finish up in the Wonderland Bar which has had as much thought go into it as the rest of the show!



With huge 3D playing cards on the walls and the most incredible flamingo paintings i have ever seen, Ed and i were a little blown away!




We spotted Alice and i just couldn’t resist getting a snap with her! When i turned around she was gone……curiouser and curiouser!


Ed took no time at all to start investigating and soon enough we found ourselves upstairs playing flamingo croquet!





Before heading down the secret staircase into the maze!



We were joined by some rather interested fellows along the way!




Before ending up in the beautiful hidden Kings bar at the end of the maze.



We scampered back round to the main bar area and assessed our trinkets from the show before heading home grinning from ear to ear!


I really, really can’t recommend this enough. I know i tend to say that in most of my posts, but if you only have to pick one thing i ever post about to go and do/see make it this! You wont regret it! The tickets aren’t crazy expensive, they range from £35 to £66 if you want to go premium, and they have extended show dates right into August so you really have no excuse! GO GO GO!



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