Street Feast – Dalston Yard

In case you hadn’t noticed by now, i’m a bit of a foodie. By that i mean, I LOVE FOOD! So when i heard that Street Feast was returning to Dalston, just round the corner from my beautiful friend Simona, for the summer i couldn’t resist dragging her down there for some serious indulgence!


Open from 5pm-Midnight on Friday’s and Saturday’s until September, aaaaaand free before 7pm this place is great to meet with friends and munch your way through some of the best street food around! The line up each weekend changes slightly but i can pretty much guarantee it will have food to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters! It also has a tone of bars to choose from so you can make it as boozy as you like!

Simona and i decided to try and do a full scope out of everything before deciding on what we fancied.






See! I really wasn’t joking when i said there’s something for everyone!

I knew exactly what i was going for first, a lobster roll from bob’s lobster. I jumped in the cue while Simona was still making up her mind.




I have always been a huge fan of lobster and couldn’t wait to chomp down on this delight. The lobster was lovely and fragrant and the brioche bun was slathered in butter, my only disappointment was that the lobster was cold. I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be served cold, or if it was due to the fact that they were having some real technical difficulties with the electrics, but it could have done with being just slightly warmed through. Having said that, it was still super yummy and i chomped my way through it before Simona had even got her food!

She opted for all 3 sliders that slider bar had on offer which all looked incredible. She let me sneak a bite of one, and my god, those burgers were gooooood! Super juicy, they quite literally melted in your mouth, and cooked to perfection. She had a normal one, a cheese and bacon and a jalapeno one, which was apparently super spicy, so not for the faint hearted!




Once starters had been munched down we set off in search of some cocktails, as every girl would, to wash down our delicious first course and get ourselves prepped for round two. We popped outside and discovered the cocktail shedIMG_1597


A lonesome bar tender chatted away to us and helped me choose which cocktail to go for. I annoyingly can’t remember what it was called, but it was something fizz! And i’m pretty sure it had elderflower in it, i’m going to guess it was called an elderflower fizz, or something similar! It was lovely and fresh but also pretty boozy, everything you want from a cocktail really.

Cocktails in hand we decided to warm up by one of the many fire’s before searching for what to eat next.


As we passed Mama’s jerk station, Simona couldn’t help herself and decided to grab some plantain which smelt incredible.




Nom, nom, nom, nom! Look at how happy she is! Next it was my turn for round two, and i couldn’t help but order some chicken from this place, mainly just because of the name! Mother Clucer!


There was also a pretty long cue, which at places like this always mean the food is going to be great!




And boy was that theory right! This was possibly the best fried chicken i have ever had. It was crispy and tender all at the same time. Not greasy at all, and the batter had just the right amount of spice to it. It also came with a garlic mayo and a tomato’y dip which were both lovely and really complimented the chicken. I need to find out where these guys are going to be next because i need more of it in my life!

By this point i was pretty much fit to burst, but a little stall had caught my eye earlier and i couldn’t possibly leave without sampling some of what they had on offer………………….fresh doughnuts!






At you doughnut, you get to pick exactly how you would like your doughnuts, from how many, the type of sugar, the type of sauce, the topping and if you want to add ice cream. They were sooooooooo good. Still warm from being freshly made, they were fluffy and light and super sweet. The perfect indulgence to end our feast. I couldn’t actually bring myself to finish them at the time, but thankfully they come in a little take away container so we had them as a little midnight snack later!

We had to call it a day here as we couldn’t possibly fit in another thing, despite being slightly tempted by the born & raised pizza’s on the way out!



This place is totally worth a trip if your looking for a cheap easy meal, just don’t eat yourself silly, it’s very easily done!

Top tip: Get here early! We arrived at about 5:20 and didn’t have to cue to get in at all, but when we left just after 7ish, the cue was going the whole way up the street, so if you can, arrive early to avoid!

Happy munching!



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