The Boundary

When the sun is out, pretty much everyone goes in search of a roof top bar/restaurant to catch the rays and get merry. I’m no different! As soon as the sun even begins to make an appearance i jump at the chance to find a beer garden or roof top for post work drinks. This weekend my delightful bestie Meems suggested we pop over to The Boundary, in the heart of Shoreditch, for exactly that, post work drinks in the sun.


Now what i will say is that sadly, you cant reserve tables for the roof terrace here unless your a big old group, and even then its a huge deposit and a minimum spend. So you have to just turn up and hope the cue isn’t too long. Which inevitably, as soon as the suns out, means it will be! I had to cue for the best part of an hour for a table of 3, but that was on a friday and right as everyone was finishing work, so we couldn’t have picked a worse time really!! As The Boundary is also a hotel, they do reserve/priorities hotels guests which can also add to the wait.

But it is totally worth it! It means your not all crammed on to a tiny little terrace with no space to move, everyone has a seat, and its table service so you don’t even have to cue at the bar once you get up there.

By the time we got our table we were rather ravenous, so as soon as drinks were ordered, we also opted for some oysters as a starter.




As they were such good value we just couldn’t say no! We ordered 6 for just £9, and on a sunday they do half price on oysters after 8pm, so thats the time to go if your a seafood lover like myself.




They were SOOOOOOOO good, Meems even said they were some of the best she’s ever had! We made quick work of them and before we knew it they were all gone, we were pretty tempted to order some more, but resisted as we had mains on the way! I ordered the Tuna steak with a watercress salad, and Meems had a monster of a Steak with béarnaise sauce and chips.



Both were cooked amazingly. The tuna was still lovely and pink inside, as was the steak, and the watercress salad was so light, it complimented the tuna perfectly.

Just as we had finished eat and the sun was going down, our lovely friend nat joined us for some more drinks, it was friday after all!


It really is lovely up there. The seating is lovely a spread out, so it never feels full even thought it was packed when we arrived. They also have outdoor heaters and blankets to keep you going right through the night!




Inside is also stunning with tables lined up along the window so you don’t miss out on the view. And the ceiling is covered in Ivy and fairy lights giving it a really romantic feel.


Sadly for us there was no space inside and it started to rain, so after improvising for a while, we set off home!



The service was impeccable, the food was unreal and the company was just amazing! I can safely say this will be a firm fave this summer!


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