Pop Brixton

Apologies for my disappearance this week. Those of you that follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t, why not!?) will know i was sunning myself in Portugal with the boy and his family. But i’m back now so things should resume as normal, or at least that’s the idea!

So back in dreary London, after a rather heavy weekend of drinking, hearing about Pop Brixton’s soft launch weekend sounded like the perfect hangover cure. Plus its super close to Ed’s flat, so we took a wonder down to see exactly what was going on with all those shipping containers!


A little background on it for those of you that aren’t aware.

Pop Brixton, commissioned by Lambeth council, is a project to support local jobs, training and enterprise. Pop Brixton is a pioneering new space created by the local community to showcase the best and most exciting independent start-ups and businesses from Brixton and Lambeth, where they can share space, skills and ideas.”

So for those of you that didn’t know, local Brixton businesses have been having quite a lot of issues recently with the closing of the arches on Atlantic Road. So this is the perfect way for new local businesses to have the opportunity to open up a space, without the high rental price tag attached. Their plan is to have 10 units available at 20-50% of market rate.

They also have a “Greening Strategy” called Pop Farm. Their aim is to create a productive garden amidst the containers and concrete of Brixton. This is all “part of a longer term initiative to educate, inform and share food and plant growing knowledge in the community.”

I think its a great idea!


Bare in mind that as it was just the soft launch weekend, so not all the containers were full yet, and a lot of the ones that were, weren’t actually up and running fully. But once they are it will be an amazing spot. We took a stroll round, peering into all the different containers to see what was soon to come. A handful were already up and running, Supercute being one of them. A desserts and prosecco bar. MY DREAM! They sold the most incredible macaroons and cupcakes, being somewhat hungover we couldn’t bring ourselves to try the prosecco! The macaroons on the other hand went down a treat!We tried the lavender, rose and lychee one, salted caramel and plain chocolate. They were incredible. The salted caramel was by far my fave, they were light and fluffy but perfectly sweet. Think its safe to say i will be a regular here soon enough!




The cupcakes also look pretty amazing! But need to leave something to try next time right!

We carried on wondering around, peeking into every container to get a feel for exactly what was going to be opening. One of the busiest containers while we were there was Baba G’s Bhangra Burger. Offering a variety of burgers and tandoori wraps, they had a good sized cue on the go. We sadly didn’t try anything, although it smelt amazing and we did spot someone munching on their pachos (nachos made with mini poppadoms) which are a great idea.

Once we had done the rounds downstairs we meandered upstairs to see what they had up there. What we found was a beautiful surprise!




A stunning gardened seated area for you to enjoy all your snacks. The whole thing is under cover too so you don’t have to worry about the rain. I could have happily sat there all afternoon people watched and nipping downstairs for more supplies!

At the very end of the covered garden there is also a variety of different activities for people/children to join in with. From what i’ve read the activity on offer will be changing quite regularly, but when we were there they were drawing and identifying the different plants that are up there.



We meandered around a bit more before heading back downstairs to have a look at some of the amazing artwork that was on show.


The whole of next week they are putting on a street art show, so you should defo pop down there at some point to have a look. If what we saw was anything to go by it will be an amazing event.

There will be a variety of different shows and activities on over the summer, so make sure you keep checking the events page to see whats on. Tomorrow (7th June) for example, one of the containers, the New Zealand Cellar are offering a free wine tasting between 6pm and 8pm, so pop it in the diary and head down! You wont regret it!

Square Meal


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