Lunch at Mishkin’s

So at work, whenever we have a new starter we like to take them out for lunch on their first day. One of those standard things. So when the lovely Jo started, we popped over to Mishkin’s in Covent Garden for some delicious Jewish comfort food! IMG_1669 It’s not the first time we have been here for work lunch. In fact we made the pretty ambitious choice to come here for the first time the morning after our christmas party. I don’t think anyone was feeling quite as fragile as i was but even so, eating was pretty tough! So i was quite glad to come back when i was feeling far more human to really enjoy the place. IMG_1678



The exposed brick work and the tiled floor gives this place a real chilled out vibe, its super relaxed and perfect for lunch or an early dinner, nothing too fancy, just great food and a good atmosphere. We grabbed a lovely booth and perused the menu, despite pretty much all of us knowing what we wanted as we had spent most of the morning drooling over it! IMG_1667 The menu at Mishkin’s is great. It has something on there for pretty much everyone, from sliders to steak tartar, they really do cover everything. I opted for the salt beef & colman’s mac and cheese. My god was it good!!!! Super cheesy, mustardy and the salt beef broke it up perfectly. Its every cheese lovers dream. I’m not even a huge cheese fan (don’t shoot me i know i’m weird) but even i loved this dish. IMG_1671 Super stodgy and super filling, i only opted for the small portion because i knew i would never be able to handle the big one! I also had a side of onion rings which were perfect. As far as i’m concerned there is nothing worse than ordering onion rings, taking a bite out of one and the whole piece of onion coming out, being left with a battered circle! I can safely say i did NOT have this problem with these. They were cooked perfectly! IMG_1673 Just look at the size of them too! They really don’t mess around with portions in this place! The rest of the table had a great variety of bits. A few also went for the mac and cheese, although there were a few sliders ordered which all went down like a house on fire. IMG_1670 I’m told the Reuben on Rye was also a total winner, and the fact that you can order it as a half or a whole sandwich is perfect for little tums, or people that just can’t quite make up their minds! This place is a real winner, not overly pricy either which is always nice to find in London. Not only loved by yours truly, but also a whole host of celebs that have left autographs or signed pictures that are up on the walls. So pop in and grab a bite. Who know’s who you might meet in there!

Square Meal


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