Pirates of Penzance

You might remember a while back it was my birthday! And my fabulous boyfriend treated me to the most amazing weekend. Well not only did he do that, i also got a whole host of presents too, one of which was tickets to go and see the Pirates of Penzance at the London Coliseum.


I had never been to the opera before and had heard you either love it or hate it, so i was equally excited and a little apprehensive about going. Luckily the boy had been before, a few times, so he picked a show that he felt would be the best for a beginner! And it really was! If you’ve not been before and are thinking about it, this has to be the best show to start you off. It’s very light hearted, lots of comedy scenes, but the main thing is that its all in English, as well as having the surtitles, so you can read a long if they are going too quickly!


I don’t want to give too much away about the show because you will have to go and enjoy it yourself to find out. But what i can tell you is its hilarious, the set is incredible and the singing is just phenomenal. Obviously i couldn’t take any photos during the show itself, however The Coliseum as a venue is pretty breath taking, so i couldn’t resist getting a couple of snaps!




All in all it was an incredible evening, followed by an amazing meal at Coya in Mayfair! I was well and truly spoilt!



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