A fantastic Taste of London

I feel like all I’ve done recently is apologise for how rubbish I’ve been at posting! I’m very aware of how shit I’ve been, work has been manic plus a marketing course that I’m doing at the moment seems to be taking up all of my time. But fingers crossed it should all start settling down real soon!

But for now, a catch up is in order! A couple of weekends back, the beautiful Chloe and I sent off for Regent’s Park to gorge ourselves silly at Taste of London.

taste of london

We had evening tickets for the Saturday. For those of you that remember that weekend, it was the weekend that decided to POUR down with rain. So it was pretty touch and go as to whether we were going to bother or not. Thankfully the rain eased off a little so we set off armed with umbrellas and cardigans that would double up as head coverings should the rain start up again!

As soon as we arrived we brought our crowns (the currency you have to use there) and set off in search of some serious munch! Our plan was to try and do a lap of the place before deciding what we wanted to go for, me being the greedy guts that I am got lured in by the oysters from the off!

taste of london oysters
taste of london oysters

Oh my goodness they were incredible! And Chloe was brave enough to try one for the first time, I’m very happy to say they were a hit! I now have another oyster buddie!

Wondering round you spot all the top restaurants and brands as well as some slightly less known ones.

mahiki cocktail stand
The Maliki cocktail bus!


Taste also offer an incredible array of activities, from actual cooking master classes to demos from all the top chefs you could think of.

how to cook demo
asda kobie beef

I loved the fact that round every corner there was something new to try, and of course the endless samples!!!!! We had so many samples, from kobie beef to ravioli, lint chocolate to coconut water vodka shots! It’s really was amazing!  free samples

pink onions  tomato heaven
We also made some friends!



thai statue

Before finally deciding what to spend our money on!


chloe and ham



And just as we were leaving we spotted the deliveroo stand, handing out lovely little cupcakes!

I got chatting to a lovely guy that worked there, but more on that to come………!


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