Deliveroo straight to you!

As I previously mentioned, I went to taste of London! It was fantastic. Make sure you go next year if you missed out this year.

While I was there I got chatting to a lovely chap called Harry who worked for Deliveroo. For those of you that haven’t seen all their ads all over the tube, they are a new delivery company with a twist. Unlike “justeat” or “hungry house” that will deliver you food from any takeaway restaurant, Deliveroo will bring you food from your fave restaurants that don’t offer a delivery service for a small fee of £2.50. They even deliver to your office! Great idea right! That’s what I thought when I first heard of them a couple of months ago.

deliveroo logo

So anyway, back to Harry! I was chatting away to him at taste of London about the company and how long they had been going for and he offered me the chance to try them out, which I more than happily obliged!

Sunday evening came around (takeaway night) and Ed and I huddled round my phone to pick which of the great restaurants we were going to choose from. As with most delivery services, you pop in your postcode and they will bring up a list of places to choose from, Deliveroo was just the same.

One thing that did confuse me a little though was the list below of places within your area that they usually would delivery, but not for the time slot we had chosen. Not sure if that was because the restaurants were closed or something else, but that was the only bit I found that wasn’t completely clear.

We opted for a Japanese restaurant that we hadn’t tried before called Fujiyama.

The website is super straightforward to use, you just scroll through and pop what you fancy into your basket.

Once your order has been accepted you can even track your order through the different steps until it gets to your door!

The food arrived pretty much bang on time and so we got stuck in straight away!

Ed opted for fried chicken to start and a salmon noodle dish for main that also came with a miso soup as a side, and I went for grilled dumplings to start and a beef dish with mushrooms for main, wish a side order of sushi obviously!!



IMG_2562  IMG_2564
IMG_2565  IMG_2566 IMG_2567

Everything was super yummy, and went down very well. As always we over ordered though so I saved the sushi for lunch the next day.

All in all it was a great experience and one we will use again. I love the concept and can see this taking off in a really big way!


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