Covent Garden’s Brasserie Blanc

Catching up with the girls is probably one of my fave things to do, and when it’s sunny and your in London, Covent Garden tends to just call you! So when the lovely Shay and I get together it always seems to be the place we head to!

On this occasion we popped into Brasserie Blanc, at the top of the piazza with a balcony the runs along the whole width of the place, it’s the perfect outside dinning area for drinks in the sun and some people watching!


Obviously the first point of call was drinks!


Shay went for a pornstar martini, the perfect summer drink, it was light and refreshing and not too sweet. I went for something a little more straight forward, just a vodka and cranberry, my staple drink!

After the girliest of catch ups, covering all the main topics, work, friends and boys, we perused the menu and ordered a feast, again, as we always seem to!

To start I oped for asparagus, sadly they were pretty over cooked and limp, but more than edible. We shared a portion of scallops which were loooooovely! Cooked to perfection and super tastey. And Shay had some sort of red onion tart that she wanted to try.



After a spot of people watching our mains arrived. Shay went for muscles to which I had serious food envy! They were the biggest portion ever and smelt amazing! I went for salmon with a side salad, trying to be healthy and all that!

covent garden
i spy london  london in the sun  main courses  IMG_2181  IMG_2180
The salmon was lovely, cooked perfectly and the sauce that came with it was super tasty too! The side salad was a little disappointing though sadly. Maybe I expect too much for a side salad, but just lettuce with not even a tomato in sight doesn’t quite cut it for me!

Once Shay had successfully screamed the place down after a pigeon nearly flew into her face we decided to pay up and head home! We popped inside quickly just to have a nosey before hand though, naturally.

covent garden   inside seating

All in all it was a nice meal. A little expensive for the quality of food, but in their defence they were super busy with the great weather. The service was amazing though, they were super accommodating and the food came quickly, so I would definitely go back again, maybe just not on a Thursday during after work peak!


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