Jo Hansford Sheer Luxe event

Last week I went to my first ever Sheer Luxe customer event. To be totally honest with you, I can’t even remember how I stumbled across the SheerLuxe website, it had probably been shared on some social media site that I clicked on, but as soon as I did I immediately favorated it, because I knew I’d be checking it regularly daily!

I signed up to both their Daily Breif emails as well as their SheerLuxe daily emails and honestly, I carve out a good half an hour of my day to read both! I love them! So it’s no surprise that I’ve been itching to go to one of their customer events for a while now, but each one so far always seemed to fall on a day I sadly couldn’t do. So when I got the email through about the Jo Hansford event I was just a tad excited!   Jo Hansford

We were greeted by the lovely SheerLuxe ladies, with a glass of cool champagne, just what was needed on the hottest day of the year! drinkies

We were given a quick description on the brand new Jo Hansford shampoo range that is now out, which is completely sulfate free as well as having many other amazing benefits for your hair, before getting down to business! Jo Hansford shampoo

selfie We were quickly split into two groups where we met our fantastic stylists who had a quick chat with us about our hair before being whisked off for a fantastic wash. And then the fun really started!   selfie

       Everywhere you looked girls were being brushed and blow dried. There were hairdryers, brushes and clips everywhere! As well as amazing canapes to keep us all going while the champagne was being topped up! It was like every girls dream! Some girls were getting a straight blow dry, others wanted a tighter curled finished and some, including myself, opted for the more natural wavey look! I was so utterly thrilled with the finished look! Everyone was so lovely! I can’t tell you how many times people comments on my hair and how great it looked! It was amazing! Once the blow drys were finished we popped downstairs for a quick how to on the best way to achieve those beachey curls everyone loves so much!



It was such a fantastic evening, and the goodie bags we were given were to die for! I CANNOT wait for the next Sheer Luxe event, sign me up NOW!


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