RedBull Soap Box Derby! 

This weekend just gone, on a rather overcast Sunday, I popped over to Alexandra Palace for this years RedBull Soap Box Derby!

redbull race

I’d never been before, and had only ever seen snippets on TV of crazy people flying through the air while their home made go-carts disintegrated around them…. so it’s safe to say I was pretty excited!

After making our way up the huge hill to the top of the race course, I had to stop and take in the amazing view it offered over London, even with the weather not being so great.

london view
That picture really doesn’t do that hill justice, it really is huge, trust me!

Despite the gates opening at 10:30am we arrived just as the race was about to start at midday, it was a Sunday morning after all! So we managed to get a quick glimpse at some of the carts before they zoomed to their impending death at the bottom of the course. Now when I say the standard was high, I mean HIGH! As in, if I were given an unlimited budget and all the tools needed, I still wouldn’t have been able to build even half the carts that were there. They were incredible, and so creative!

the lewisham express
toasted  breaking badly  breaking badly  apolo 18  apolo 18

What’s important to point out about the RedBull Soap Box race is that it’s not all about speed. There is a large element of that, yes, however there are also points for showmanship, creativity, and dance moves! So basically your cart can’t just get to the bottom first. The rules however are pretty simple, the carts are only allowed steering and breaks, so no engines of any kind, and no arms and legs are allowed to help either! Pure gravity and bravery!

We found a great little spot right near the starting line and the first jump as well as being directly opposite the judging bus!

judging bus
So we got settled, picnic treats ‘n all and watched the carts as they came flying down!



IMG_2765  IMG_2770  IMG_2771  IMG_2781

Sadly I couldn’t get photos of them all, the ones I did get I had to stand in the child’s area as it was to get remotely close enough! The most depressing part was that there were actually some children in there that were taller than me! #shortpeopleproblems

Anyway, after 65 carts had hurtled down it was time to announce the winner. The people’s choice went to the turtle, which was amazing decorated and surprisingly speedy! Also one of the only animal themed carts that didn’t get decapitated! The actual winner was by far my personal fave though. An 80’s themed cart that managed to strip of layers as it went down to reveal different 80’s themed cars! It was amazing! And super fast, I think it almost set a record for how quickly it got down! It reached speeds of 42kph!

A highly recommended day out, especially if you have kids, super family friendly. Take a picnic to save some cash, and you can even bring your own booze in with you. Tickets were only £10 so totally worth it! Make sure you check out the dates for next year!


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