Emerald Street and the Kerb Brunch

This weekend, my lovely friend Katie (who blogs over at tatty travels, go check her out) and I popped over to stuff our faces at the Emerald Street brunch event hosts with the Kerb.


We turned up ripe and ready to go, with empty tummies and the excitement of a 5 year old at Christmas!

Emerald street had been doing a great job of advertising the event all over their emails and in the stylist magazines, so we had pretty much already picked out the places we wanted to try, which was basically everything!

After grabbing our first free drink we decided to do a lap of the event before anything else. Completely essential at somewhere like this, as the last thing you want to do is miss out on somewhere great to munch! Whilst on our route round we figured it made sense to stop and get some temporary tattoos while there was little to no cue!

rosie wanders   tattoos



tattoosIt felt like being a little kid again getting my tattoo done, only with a much more grown up twist! The tattoos were provided by a fantastic company called Rosie Wanders. All the designs were beautiful, which made it really tough picking which one I wanted, but I opted for the bracelet style gold and silver one.

They also last SO well! A little TMI here for you, but, 4 showers later and it was still completely in tact!
Anyway! Moving on from my personal hygiene routine!

Rosie Wanders also do a lovely range of cards and nick nacks that they had all set up too, I loved everything they had!

rosie wanders

rosie wanders

rosie wanders

I am so in love with this picture! I need it in my life!

Next we spotted the “egg drop”, one of the highlights of our day!

It’s pretty self explanatory, and probably something you all did at school at some point! You have to make a container that when dropped from a height, will keep your egg in tact. Katie and I got faaaaaaar to into this. I would say we spent a good half an hour designing and building our boxes!

egg drop
egg drop  egg drop  egg drop

Katie’s fabulous idea of putting the egg inside the sponge worked wonders! Neither of our eggs cracked so we won a free drink! Smashed it!

Once we were finished with the arts and crafts it was about time for food! There was so much choice and everything looked SO good that it was almost impossible to choose! I opted for a steak tartar slider from the beefsteaks while Katie had an aubergine wrap from bad egg.

steak    finished slider  wrap

They were both amazing! Super yummy! The slider was cooked perfectly, still beautifully pink inside and had an amazing tomatoey relish inside too. However I was never going to be content with trying just one food stall, especially at somewhere like this! So once I’d demolished my slider it was time for round two!

I tottered over to muscle men as I spotted their oysters when we first arrived, and we all know if oysters are around I’m going to be munching them! They were offering either 3 special or 3 regular oysters.


Being the typical bore that I am, I opted for just the regular, however I couldn’t resist trying the Bloody Mary bubble on one of them!

IMG_2877They were amazingly fresh, and I LOVED the bubble so much! It complimented the oyster perfectly with a slightly spicy tomatoey kick.

Katie, the vegetarian, looked on in horror as I gulped them down! So to make up for it, we went over to the flower crown making stall next, hosted by the makery craft classes and the mighty quinns flower emporium.

flowers  flowers

You each got to choose three types of flowers and then you sit and make your beautiful crown, simple!

IMG_2879We sat perfecting our crowns before getting the obligatory selfie!

IMG_2902After all that crown making, I had worked up a bit of an appetite again! Thankfully I couldn’t have been in a better place for it! So I left Katie in the cue for the hair braids while I roamed the food stalls again looking for my final purchase. I opted for a club sandwich from tongue ‘n cheek as i’d seen someone munching one earlier and they looked amazing. Sadly they seemed to be the most unorganised stall in the entire place, with the chef strolling off half way through orders, to get himself an ice lolly! The sandwich itself was pretty good, but certainly not worth the 40min wait. Next time I think they might need more staff or just to be better organised as the whole thing just seemed like a bit of a shambles sadly.

After another painfully long wait it was then time for hair braids! Unfortunately there were only 3 members of staff on the stall, so I don’t think they had quite anticipated how popular the free braids were going to be. But eventually it was our turn and personally I quite liked mine, though katie wasn’t a fan of hers! I thought she looked great but she was having none of it!

All in all it was a great day though! We had fun in the sun, and drank and munched to our hearts content, I’ll certainly be signing up again next year! Did any of you lovely lot attend? What did you think? Hope you had as much fun as we did!

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