Jumping date night

You’ve all heard about these amazing new trampolining parks that have been popping up over the last year or so. Designed mainly for kids they are essentially a room covered in trampolines so you can bounce around to your hearts content and not be too worried about falling off. Well……up until recently they have all been in pretty out of the reach places, and aimed at kids. Well Oxygen Free Jumping had the bright idea of not only finding a London location, but also making it adult friendly too! oxygen free jumping So for date night this week I took the boy down as a surprise! He had absolutely no idea where we were going! They currently only have one location open oven in West Acton, but I think they are planning on opening a few more. It’s £12.50 for an hour, which trust me is more than enough, plus £2 for your fancy socks! They also had a discount code on their facebook page for a while to give you 20% off. little and large

We arrived very excited, but a little nervous that we would be the oldest people there by a long shot! After watching a quick safety video we were set free into the bounce zone!

dodge ball As you walk in, to your right there is a huge dodge ball area, so teams of up to about 5 strangers can bounce off the walls while hurtling soft dodge balls at you! pillow To your left there are two parallel trampolines with the most gigantic grey air filled pillow at the end so that you can do all sort of tricks off the end of the trampoline and not be too concerned about landing on your head! If you head out towards the back on the ground floor, (yes there is more than one floor of this grown ups play ground!) you will find the basket ball nets, foam pit, gladiator style blancing game and obstacle course! basket ball net

foam pit  front flip  obstical course  balance beam  gladiators  winner The best part? They blast old school 90’s tunes the entire time plus matching 90’s disco lights! If all that isn’t enough for you, you can head up stairs where they have two symmetrical HUGE plain trampoline areas where you can bounce to your hearts content. While we were there the upstairs was empty almost the whole time so we pretty much had the place to ourselves! bouncing around

I can imagine now that the schools have broken up this place will be RAMMED so, grown ups, I would maybe wait until September time before heading over, but make sure you do! It’s well worth it!


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