Nobu birthday celebrations! 

Last week it was my beautiful friend Amie’s birthday. So to celebrate we decided to get real fancy and head over to Nobu on Old Park lane for dinner, before heading out to dance the night away!


Now as you all know, sushi is probably my fave food of all time, so I was super excited about finally trying Nobu! It’s been a long time coming! So I jumped in a cab and speed over there straight from work to meet the rest of the gang!


nobuAs usual the party was in full swing by the time I arrived! 

the crew

Oli (Amie’s brother) had been recently so he had a few good suggestions on food choices! We decided it made sense to all just order a load of stuff and share it all.

We started with some tuna and jalapeño sashimi and some salmon sashimi which were to DIE FOR!

tuna  salmon sashimi

The salmon was melt in the mouth amazing, with the best sauce ever! The only problem was there wasn’t enough of it! I could have eaten two whole portions to myself!

Next we had some edamame beans, followed by spicy tuna rolls, soft shell crab rolls and some fresh water eel sashimi, which i’d never had before so was a little dubious, but was actually SO yummy. Not what I expected at all! I was expecting it to be a little slimy with not a tone of flavour, but I couldn’t have been more wrong! It wasn’t slimy at all, it was quite meaty and the sauce it was in was similar to a teriyaki sauce and was SO good!



spicy tuna

soft shell crabOh god I want it all over again looking back at the photos!!!!! 

Our token veggie of the group, Nat, ordered a tofu steak which actually looked really good considering I hate tofu! The rest of the non veggies started digging into the sizzling steak that had just arrived, which was cooked to perfection! Still pink in the middle but had a beautiful crust around the outside. It came with the most beautiful shiitake mushrooms and asparagus, to die for, trust me.


steakEverything was quickly demolished and before we knew it the waters were asking if we wanted pudding! Stuffed to the brim, most of us said no, although the birthday girl had a little surprise!

birthday girl
cake BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE EVER! That’s all I have to say on the matter!

Espressos were downed and cakes were finished before we tottered off to dance the night away at Scarlett’s, but you don’t need to know about that part!

birthday girl  IMG_3272 The food was to die for, the company was incredible, all in all a beaut night! I would highly recommend it as long as your happy to splash out, because it is NOT cheap. But that’s to be expected really.

Square Meal


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