Champagne + Fromage 

One lazy Sunday afternoon, Ed and I were wondering round Brixton market looking for somewhere to sit and have dinner, when we remembered Champagne + Fromage, this little place Ed had wanted to try for ages!


It’s the cutest little bistro/cafe right in the middle of Brixton market, and as the name may suggest, they serve champagne and cheese and a couple of other bits too.

It has a really quaint rustic feel to it with its wooden benches, covered in cushions, and little tables scattered around in the small inside space that they have.


As well as being a great little eatery, they also double up as a shop, where you can buy pretty much any type of cheese, cured meat and champagne you could ever think of! Every surface inside is covered in something that you can buy. It’s like walking into a little delicatessen in a tiny side street in rural France.







Ed was in his element, as i’m sure any cheese lover would be!

Once we’d had a mooch, we grabbed a little table outside and ordered some champagne cocktails, the only way to start any meal!


Mine was a Brixton sunrise, while Ed had a Brixton fizz, which came with a pink wafer on top! I preferred mine!

The menu here is perfect for what we were after, but if your looking for a full blown hearty meal, this isn’t the place to come. They do offer a duck confit and a selection of tartines, however this place is all about the sharing boards. Be it all cheese, all meat or a combination of the two, thats what this place specialises in. You can create your own cheese board from scratch, so no worries of always having that one cheese that no one really likes left at the end. Obviously the price depends on the cheeses you pick, so you can go little or large depending on your budget. It’s also at this point that i want to point out how amazing the staff were. Not only was the service spot on, they also have a whole wealth of knowledge about their product, so you don’t have to be a cheese connoisseur to go here and have a good time. Tell these guys what sort of thing you like, and they will point you in the right direction.


Or if your a true carnivore, like myself, you can go all meat! They have a choice of three meat boards that you can choose from, or just pick yourself a “Saucisson” from their huge selection. You can opt for half or whole depending on how hungry you are.


Ed and i opted for a bit of both, and went for the Duo special. A selection of cheeses and meats, with fresh crusty bread, pickles and dips.


It was DELISH!!!!! I love that kind of picky food anyway, where everyone just digs in and helps themselves to as much or as little as they fancy. So i was sold straight away. And at only £12 for the sharing board, it really wont hurt your bank balance.

This place really is perfect for lunch or dinner with friends, catching up over champagne and incredible food. What more could you want. I really can’t rate it enough. We will certainly be going back. And if Brixton is a little far out for you, don’t worry! They have a couple of other locations too! One in Covent Garden and one that just opened in Greenwich. Trust me when i say you wont regret heading down here, even if its just for a quick snack.

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