The Coronation Cup

A couple of weekends back, Ed and I were invited to the Polo. Having never been before, but having an old love of horses, from back in my pony club days, and loving any excuse to dress up, i was more than excited! Plus, it was out near my neck of the woods at The Guards Polo Club near Egham. Win, win, as far as i was concerned!

We hopped on a train, with a rather full picnic basket in tow, and trotted over to watch the Royal Salute Coronation Cup match, England vs South America. We all argued it seemed a little unfair for England to be playing a whole continent rather than just one country, but we knew we could beat them regardless!

We were SO lucky with the weather, it really couldn’t have been a better day for it! So we picked our picnic spot in the sun, popped open the prosecco and tried to learn the rules of Polo before the match started!





Before we knew it, National anthems were being sung and the first “chukka” was beginning. We learnt there are 6 chukkas in a match, each lasting 7 minutes. After every point scored the players switch ends, which is also very confusing.







The game is incredibly fast. The speed and strength of those horses was just astounding! If you blinked, you honestly would have missed it.

Soon enough, the half time bell rang, and so the kicking in of the divots began. Ed didn’t quite see the fun in this, but i dragged him out anyway! It’s weirdly satisfying!




We also managed to get up close and personal with the amazing marching brass band that was on the pitch during half time. Some of their outfits were just unreal!



Prince Charles even rocked up to watch the second half, and strolled across the pitch among the rest of us to get to the club house. At which point everyone lost their shit and started swarming round him!

The game quickly came to an end, with England prevailing and winning the cup! It was so much fun to watch, i now think Polo is going to be my new hobby. Watching, not playing!

As we were packing up all our bits i also made a couple of new friends!


Such a fun day, i really cant recommend it enough, even if you know nothing about Polo. We didn’t at the start of the game and still had the best time!

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