Afternoon Tea at One Aldwych

We have the most incredible Au Pair. When i say we, i mean my mum, for the kids, not me! She loves my siblings and has more patience than anyone i have ever met before in my entire life! She really has become part of the family. But sadly, she is leaving us 😦 we’re all devastated, but its whats best for her.

So to say a proper thank you and goodbye, we all went for Afternoon Tea at One Aldwych. Its one of those British things that she’s wanted to do, but hadn’t had a chance yet.  

The afternoon tea at One Aldwych has been inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so its safe to say the kids were excited!

When you arrive, each menu has a different hand drawn image of one of the families from the story.



It’s a really lovely extra touch that just adds to the theme perfectly. Everything on the menu is designed to have a little wonder about it, just like the story. They even offer chocolate tea! Not one you see everyday!


The tea quickly arrived and we all started digging in!



The savoury bits were all lovely. The stilton and leek quiche was very light, and not too stiltony, which for me was perfect. My personal fave was the roast beef and grain mustard sarnies (the brown ones above). The mustard wasn’t too over powering and the sweetness of the bread really topped it off.

But the sweet element of this afternoon tea is what really gives it the “WOW” factor.





With mystery flavoured candy floss, golden filled chocolate eggs, a chocolate and caramel mini milkshake and rhubarb and vanilla doughnut pops, you do almost feel like you could be in Willy Wonka’s factory! I’m not going to tell you what the flavour of the candy floss is, just in case any of you decide to go. But it’s amazing, and i will be amazed if any of you manage to guess it 100% correct!


And then theres the cocktail. We initially didn’t order these, but once we had seen someone else’s come out, we knew we had to try one.




I stupidly didn’t bring my proper camera with me, so only managed to get iphone snaps, that just don’t do it justice. The whole thing comes out bubbling and steaming, and continues to do so the whole time you drink it. The kids were in complete ore! I think the grow ups were too to be fair! I was very impressive.

All in all it was a really lovely afternoon, and a great send off. I would definitely recommend it, however what i will say is, its not cheap. At £37.50 each for a normal tea and £48 if you all want to try the cocktail, there are defo cheaper afternoon tea’s in and around London. But well worth it for a special occasion.

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