Want It Wednesday – Kate Spade Sunnies

I have always moaned about how i was cursed with expensive taste and a low budget. It’s the story of my life. I’ve never really been able to live within my means, in all aspects of life! Be it restaurants i want to try, items i want to buy or places i want to fly….to. Apologies, that was terrible!



What I’ve decided to do, is document some of these beautiful bits i want NEED in my life, so that one day, when i have a tone of money, i can look back and purchase any that i still love or are available to buy depending on how long its taken me to get a tone of money!!! I’m calling it Want It Wednesday, and from now on, my posts on a Wednesday will probably consist of some beautiful item that i have seen/tried on/day dreamed about owning.

This week, its these bad boys………

kate spage glasses

kate spade glasses

You may remember me ranting a while back about how i find it impossible to find a pair of sunglasses that look ok on my weirdly long face. Well i found them. And i love them. They are amazing. They are RAELYN from Kate Spade and retail at £139, so not the worlds biggest splurge, but still.

I’m off to Croatia at the end of this week for Yacht week, and oh how i wish i could be bringing these beauts with me. Sadly, not this time. But they are on my list!

Love Love LOVE them!


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