ABQ – Breaking Bad pop up

I frigging loved Breaking Bad. Like A LOT! I didn’t initially, I tried watching it a couple of times when it first came out and just couldn’t get into it, but when I started re watching it last year I got seriously hooked. It’s safe to say there was a Jessie size hole in my heart when it ended. So when I heard about ABQ’s Breaking Bad pop up I knew I had to go! Luckily my boyfriend knows me too well and this year he added it to my list of birthday activities/presents.


This place is just amazing! I think you have to be a pretty die hard fan to really appreciate it, but it’s a great night even if not. We arrived at the caravan, yes it’s actually in a caravan, and we’re taking in to put on our protective clothing!


Everything inside is themed and has a breaking bad connotation, it’s amazing!


Once “dressed” you get your first drink of the evening, a shot, accompanied by a very suspect looking bag…….

Don’t worry, it’s only sherbet!

It’s a BYOB situation here, with some minor rules. You can bring whatever booze you fancy, it just has to be a small unopened 35ml bottle per person. Or one big bottle for two people if your happy drinking the same thing. We opted for vodka (obviously) and dark rum.

Once you’ve handed your drink over your given a list of instruction on how to “cook” your first cocktail! Beakers filled with dry ice and another with a warm rose liquid, stoppers and plastic tubing is also brought out along with the actual drink itself. I won’t ruin it for you guys, but I’m sure you can figure out how it works. It was all very impressive and super fun.

As it was my birthday I also got given a special birthday cocktail which was a lovely touch, and very tasty!

Next we had a rather strong drink that was partially made with a whipped cream dispenser which was rather hilarious! I wasn’t the biggest fan of that drink, but ed liked it. I think it was just a little too strong for me.

The last drink was what really blew our minds though, it was called “the cocktail that changes flavour”. Already I was very intrigued! We were given a drink each, a lemon wedge each and two pills. You have to start by taking a sip of the drink, which is vile! Super bitter and just generally not nice. Next you have to suck the tablets until they completely disintegrate, don’t chew them, you have to suck them. Once it’s all gone you have to have another sip of the cocktail and then a bite of the lemon wedge. The pill completely changes the taste of the drink and makes the lemon wedge very sweet instead of bitter as your expecting. Its very cleaver and when your three cocktails in, a little mind blowing!!


You only get your table for 2 hours unless you book for a longer session, however, we made some great pals with the people sat next to us and it turns out some of their group didn’t end up coming, so as our sessions was coming to an end they invite us to join them on their table!

Sadly they are now fully booked, however they are taking the caravan on tour to Paris at the end of May, so if you have any holiday plans to head over there, 100% book now while you can! If not, no worries, they are planning on making the experience permanent with some help from a crowd funding venture. The details aren’t available just yet, but I’m sure they will be soon. Keep your eyes peeled folks, this place is the best!


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