Riverside Walk Event

Growing up I think it’s safe to say I spent pretty much all of my teenage years in Kingston, be it shopping trips in my early teens, to very messy nights out at all the clubs while at uni and working all of my retail career there. I know it well and am very fond of it as an area. So when i was contacted about coming to an event down by the river, I simply couldn’t say no, even if i had landed from Amsterdam that very morning!

Anyone that remembers Kingston a couple of years back will know Riverside area, just over Kingston bridge, as being a bit of a no man’s land. A handful of nice restaurants towards the top and a couple of old man’s pubs near TKMaxx end. A complete waste of a beautiful spot if you ask me. However, it has now been given the most beautiful face lift!



I was welcomed along to see it’s beautiful transformation at a blogging event held by Riverside Walk themselves to sample some of the new restaurants best sellers. We had been invited down to CAU for cocktails and starters, Comptoir Libanais for mains and Côte Brasserie for desserts and paired wines.

We started off at CAU, a restaurant I have actually been to once before (their Guildford branch) which I had thoroughly enjoyed previously, so I was excited to see what they would have on offer for the event. And it’s safe to stay they didn’t disappoint! We started off with a gorgeous Pink Spritz cocktail which was a fun twist on a Aperol Spritz, containing Mondino Amaro and Belsazar rosé, topped with tonic – amazingly refreshing.



Then the food started and it felt like it never stopped! Baring in mind we had two other venues to samples, the staff at CAU went to town on the different options of “starters” they had for us. There was salmon tostada’s (one of my faves) beef tacos’, mini skewers of chicken, chorizo (another fave) and smoked lamb and fried chicken wings.



At this point I think its safe to say I was already very impressed and very full! But it didn’t stop there. Next we had mini pork belly, mini croquettes and the most amazing selection of steak skewers, all cooked to perfection. They quite literally melted in your mouth.


Finally, just in case we weren’t ready to pop already, they brought out mini churros and mini brownies topped with a charred marshmallow and a de leche sauce. I could have eaten them all! They were incredible and the sauce was to die for.


They had to practically roll me to the next restaurant, Comptoir Libanais, for the second part of our feast. The restaurant itself is beautiful inside, sporting a huge variety of different Lebanese products that you could purchase. From plates to culinary items, think Carluccio’s but Lebanese!



Food wise, they had laid on an enormous feast all on one large table so everyone could simply dig in and help themselves. They had home made hommos, falafel, grilled pieces of lamb and chicken, baba ghanuj, warm pita bread and batta harra. Now usually I’m not the biggest fan of Lebanese food, but the chicken here was incredible. Seasoned amazingly so it had tones of flavour and still succulent, it was definitely a highlight for me.




They also had a lovely selection of non alcoholic drinks for us to try, I personally only tried the roomana, which was a blend of pomegranate and orange blossom. Lovely and sweet but still thirst-quenching.


Just as the sun was starting to go down over the river we strolled over to our last restaurant of the evening, Côte Brasserie. Here we were presented with the most delectable chocolate mouse and crème caramel paired with a glass of Domaine De Barroubio dessert wine.



I wasn’t the biggest fan of the crème caramel, or the wine initially, I thought it was far too sweet for me, and that’s coming from someone with a serious sweet tooth. However as soon as you had the wine with the chocolate mouse, they worked perfectly together.


Over all it was a lovely evening, a huge thank you to Riverside Walk for inviting me. I can only image how busy that beautiful walkway will be over the summer now that it’s been transformed, get booking now before it’s too late!


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