Swinging Pro – Junk Yard Golf Club

Ed and I have been to a surprisingly high number of crazy golf/mini golf courses since we have been together. Its one of those date night activities that’s always a little bit different and always brings out our competitive sides. I occasionally cheat, and we always have a “practice” shot if we start off badly, but it’s always great fun. So when we saw Junk Yard Golf Club LDN being advertised all over Facebook we were very keen to give it a go.


My initial experience with them wasn’t actually that great. Anyone that follows me on twitter would have seen my continuous tweets trying to get hold of them to try and see if I could swap my tickets for a different day. My lovely house mates had booked my birthday surprise on the same day, so I was desperately trying to get in touch to see if there was any way I could just change the date of my booking. After a variety of tweets and a tone of emails, I eventually managed to get hold of the company they were using to manage their online booking system and swap them. I did eventually get an email back from Junk Yard themselves, but it was over a month later and thankfully I had managed to sort the issue by then.


However, that was all quickly forgotten by the time we arrived. Sandwiched between Brick lane and Dray walk in the heart of the East, its surprisingly easy to find in comparison to some other crazy golf courses we have been to. We arrived an hour or so before our golfing session so that we could grab some dinner and drinks from the two food stalls they had on offer. I made a bee-line straight for the hot dogs from Barts Dog Kart and ordered myself a simple “original” dog. It was a great hot dog smothered in ketchup, mustard and crispy onions. While Ed opted to order from Big Grillie Style ordering “The Fresh Price” which was AMAZING, a BBQ pulled pork and Mac n Cheese toastie! And obviously we needed to try the “VIP Furious Fries”, skin on chips topped with parmesan and truffle oil. Possibly the most unhealthy dinner I’ve ever had, but it was 100% worth it! Everything tasted great. We also ordered a couple of drinks from one of the 4 bars they have. I, annoyingly, cant remember what mine was called, I think it was “who’s your caddy” but oh my god it was incredible. It literally tasted like Vimto but with booze in it! It also came topped with sweets which was always going to go down fantastically well!




The photo doesn’t do it any justice, trust me, it was AMAZING!


By the time we were finished we were so full we almost felt sick! Just as a tip, if your going to try a bit of everything on the menu’s, maybe eat after you’ve played!!

We headed downstairs to pick up our score sheet and putts before jumping straight into the first hole. Well actually, that’s not what we did at all! There was rather a large group of girls in front of us who were taking there time, so we decided to start on hole 4 instead and then come back to the start….at the end!


We had booked the “Frank” course, there are 3 to choose from, all of which are 9 holes and equally as crazy as each other!



The whole place is decked out amazingly! It claims to be all made from junk, but I’m not convinced! It’s like a grown up’s play ground, running around see what the next hole will be. They have holes that involve everything from washing machines to pool tables, volcanoes to slides, and even a hole where you go head to head with your putting partner!






I honestly cant recommend it enough. Perfect for a first date, or get a big group of you together and get boozy while laugh at each other trying to putt around a giant cow!






With tickets only costing £9.50 each too, you really cant go wrong. Check out the site now as its already starting to get booked up, although they do still have places. You can book throughout the day as well as evening so it’s also a great option for the kids over the school holidays if we end up with a typical “British summer” e.g pissing it down with rain!



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