Best dumpling in Brixton

You may remember my post a little while back about Pop Brixton, that at the time had just opened. Well, as you can image, a year on and the place is now in full swing and somewhere that Ed and I go to often, due to it’s easy of location and the variety of food it has to offer. It’s perfect if you both fancy something different for dinner or it’s just a lovely sunny day.

One place in Pop that, without a doubt, I go to every time we are there is Koi Ramen Bar.


The little window, similarly to the other windows, has a minimal menu. But I always tend to find, places that only offer a few dishes do them incredibly well, and this is no exception. Offering 3 different types of ramen, miso tofu, miso pork and tonkotsu, which for those of you that have no idea what that is, is a pork ramen in a creamy soup and is there best seller.

However, it’s the gyoza that I can’t leave without having every time I’m there. I swear to god, not even slightly exaggerating here, they do the best dumplings in the whole of Brixton. Offering chicken, pork or vegetarian in sets of 3 or 6, they are the perfect snack or starter. And at only £2.50 for 3 or £4.50 for 6 they are super cheap too. I always tend to go for the pork as I think they have the most flavour, and get them covered in soya and chilli oil.

They nearly always have two chefs on the go plus someone taking orders so the cue usually isn’t too bad. Plus if your feeling super lazy, there on deliveroo too so you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home!

Trust me on this one guys, you wont get better dumpings/gyoza in Brixton, if you think you can, let me know!


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