Brixton Beach Boulevard

A beach has come to London. No I’m not going crazy, and yes it is a real beach….it just doesn’t have any water at the end of it sadly. But what it does have is its own night club! Brixton Beach Boulevard has arrived.

Some of you may remember, over Christmas there was a great little pop up called South Pole Saloon. In a very random, somewhat hidden spot in Brixton the South Pole came to London. Well this summer, the creators behind South Pole Saloon are back, bringing Miami and the beach with them!

In the same location as before, but with a totally different entrance (much easier to find on Pope’s Road) the area has been transformed and transported back in time to a 1980’s Miami beach, complete with real sand, a Miami life guards hut with life guards and beach hut street food stalls!



Annoyingly I didn’t get nearly enough photos of the place to really show it off, I’ve therefore “borrowed” a couple from my lovely friends!

We went on a somewhat dreary Saturday afternoon, but the place was still PACKED! Although entrance before 4pm is free on a Saturday (and Thursday and Friday and Sunday!), we brought tickets, only £4 each, as this way you are guaranteed entry.

We strolled in through the crowd and grabbed ourselves a delicious frozen strawberry daiquiri. Super tasty, but at £8 a go for a fairly small cup, wasn’t the most cost effective!


We perched around some sun loungers sipping our drinks, listening to the AMAZING tunes they were pumping out before going in search of some food. All the food stalls are in perfect pastel coloured beach huts, offering a great selection to keep everyone well fed. I headed straight to Lucky Pierre, who were serving either steak, a whole Camembert or calamari with their amazing selection of hand cut chips. I obviously went for the steak with bearnaise sauce. It was a really good size portion for £8 and the steak was cooked amazingly well, it really melted in your mouth.


My vegetarian house mate, surprisingly didn’t fancy steak, so she went in search of something different. She ended up at Nanny Bill’s where she managed to get some incredible looking mac ‘n cheese balls. They came in portions of 3 or 6 and were equally as reasonably priced.


Once the food was devoured we moved on to spirits and mixers which were a much better price at only £5 a go, before dancing the evening away until the sun went down. As soon as it did, the purpose built neon nightclub opened and everyone filtered inside. The club obviously doesn’t have quite the same feel to it as the beach does, but its a great way to be able to carry the night on without having to go to another location.


It’s open until 28th August so make sure you head down and check it out! It’s the perfect day time drinking spot and once the sun comes out I can only image how hard it will be to get into, so book in advance!

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