The Amazing Chocolate Workshop

I went home last week to escape the city and spend some well over due time with the family. After spending the morning helping siblings with home work, watching my sisters dance routine and playing football in the garden, my mum and I popped into Walton to do a quick spot of shopping. As we walked into The Heart shopping centre we spotted The Amazing Chocolate Workshop’s stall.


Now this was just any old chocolate stall in a shopping centre. These were some of the most incredible, intricate chocolates I have ever seen. Chocolate…..that doesn’t even look like chocolate!


No I’m not joking, all of that is chocolate that has been hand crafted into different shapes and sizes to look like something totally different. Since spotting them, I have obviously done some research into the company, so let me give you some background. Started by Mo and Ed back in 2014, initially as a hobby, the business has now grown and the range expanded so much so that they take their chocolate on the road and can be found all over the country. Their cocoa beans are all carefully sourced for their naturally creamy flavour and they are a totally independent company. All their dark chocolate is gluten and dairy free so perfect for anyone with allergies. And they honestly have designs to cater for EVERYONE!




Their website has even more to choose from, just in case this wasn’t quite enough choice for you! You can buy anything individually, or if you would rather, they do gift boxes too! The perfect present.


You can pick and choose what ever you like to go in your gift box. We did a “tool” based one for my step dad for Father’s Day and I got a cheese one for Ed. The cheese one for Ed cost £12 which arguably is a little pricey for chocolate, but your obviously paying for the novelty as well as the quality. The chocolate itself was lovely. I personally preferred the white chocolate, it was incredibly creamy and light. The dark chocolate was still lovely though and actually one of the nicest dark chocolates I’ve had. I’m usually not a fan of dark chocolate as I find it too bitter, but as it is only 64% I found it to be much nice than normal dark chocolate.



They really are a fantastic gift idea. I can’t wait to see what other new designs they bring out soon.

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