The Railway Children

A few weeks back my housemate found the most incredible deal…..£10 tickets to go and see The Railway Children.


Being the theatre lover that I am, I don’t think it would have actually mattered what the show was, for only £10 I would have seen anything! She booked the tickets through but sadly it doesn’t look as though the deal is on any more. But keep your eyes out as it must be something they offer fairly regularly.

Having never read the books or seen the movie I didn’t really know what to expect. But it’s safe to say I was blown away!

We arrived at King’s Cross Theatre, which has been purpose built for the play, behind Kings Cross; the perfect setting for the play.


They have done the most fantastic job of really transporting you back in time before the show even begins. You start by entering some very dark rickety tunnels, which has train sound effects playing, really making you feel like your entering a station.


The refreshment area has also been decked out, complete with old fashioned suit cases piled high, an old pop corn machine which makes the place smell incredible, and even the bar staff are dressed like they are from the 1950’s, all adding to the wonder of the show before it starts.





Our £10 tickets, unsurprisingly, had us sat at the very back in the last row. However we still had a fantastic view, unlike some theatres where the cheap tickets mean you see very little, ours were perfectly fine. The set and stage are set out, obviously, like a rail way track, with the audience on either side.


The show itself was FANTASTIC. The acting was incredible, the props and scenery were amazing, and just overall the whole show left you coming away warm and fuzzy. A real heart warmer. Obviously the highlight was the beautiful 60-tonne steam train which makes more than one appearance.




I really cant recommend it enough. Perfect for a family day out, date night, or like we did, just a girly evening at the theatre. It’s currently taking bookings until January 2017 so you really do have no excuses!


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