My favourite cafe – F.Monday’s

As if I haven’t mentioned it enough times already, weekend brunch is one of my all time, fave things. And so it’s safe to say I have tried and tested enough places to have a fairly good, overall view of wheres great. F.Monday’s is one of those places.


Located about half way up Brixton Hill, it’s another one of those great spots that you could easily walk past if you didn’t know how great it was. It’s always fairly busy around commuter time, during the week, for people running in and grabbing a coffee on route to the tube/train station. But at the weekends it has a much more family friendly vibe, with mother’s and babies having some breakfast or slightly hung over couples enjoying brunch.


The actual cafe itself is quite small, with a couple of largish sharing tables. But for those in the know, the secret garden out the back is the PERFECT spot for some brunch, out in the sun.




They have a great array of options in terms of food, from porridge to tosties and “things on toast”, I would be amazed if you couldn’t find something on this menu that got your mouth watering.





But my personal favourite has to be their avocado with chilli flakes + halloumi on organic sourdough. It combines pretty much all my fave things into one dish and is the PERFECT hang over cure. Please, please, please try it. Your life will be changed forever!!!



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