Dinner with The Twits

Some of you may remember from a while back, my post about Alice Adventures Underground over at The Vaults. Or my Instagram photos from Bumpass & Parr’s Breathable Alcohol experiment. Well, I am incredibly excited to announce that the teams behind both are collaborating, along with Les Enfants Terribles, ebp and Creature of London, to bring you the first ever interactive theatrical dining experience of Roald Dahl’s The Twits.

Dinner at the Twits Credit Addie Chinn.jpg

Celebrating 100 years of Roald Dahl the companies have all come together to produce the most gloriously gruesome interactive theatrical dining experience that will blow your mind and tickle your tastebuds.

We all remember the terrible duo, Mr Twit with his foul beard and Mrs Twit with her straggly hair and long pointed noise, continuously playing tricks on each other to try to get the other one back. From bird pie to worm spaghetti the two kept children and their parents very entertained.

Well from the 4th September – 30th October they will be hosting the worst dinner party in the world at their windowless revolting residence and ghastly garden at The Vaults under Waterloo station. The evening, for grown ups only, will include a banquet of deliciously disgusting dishes, to be enjoyed with homemade cocktails, Mr Twit’s special brew and Mrs Twit’s potent punch complete with glass eye of course! The dinner/show lasts 90 mins with no interval so is strictly not for the faint hearted. But for any of you that are concerned about a full on food fight, don’t worry, the actors don’t mess around with any of your food, Mr and Mrs Twit are under firm instruction not to!

Tickets are £80-£110 depending on which day you choose and are already on sale. It may seem a little steep, but when you think you are getting a full show, a banquet with wine and a bespoke cocktail on arrival, it’s really very reasonable. It’s certainly an experience I wont be missing out on, make sure you get your tickets before they sell out!



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