Woking Food and Drink Festival

Last weekend I was invited along to the 4th annual Woking Food and Drink Festival.


Having lived in Surrey for so many years I was surprised to have never heard of the event, especially seeing as it tends to attract over 120,000 visitors over the course of weekend and has up to 80 different delicious food stalls. My lovely pal Amie came along with me to take some snaps and obviously enjoy all the food on offer.

We started off the Saturday as every weekend should, with an exquisite glass of Champagne from Royal Rivera, the only champagne to be granted the Royal seal by the Prince’s Palace of Monaco.

The champagne was lovely, light and crisp. We stood and sipped while hearing all about the background of Royal Rivera including the fact that together with Harrods they have started producing jewellery made from the caps of their champagne. Really lovely idea if you ask me.


Up next we had a quick stop at an award winning fudge stall, Yummy Kubes Afro-Caribbean stall where I got to try puff puffs for the first time and Churros Garcia for some fresh homemade Churros – YUM!


The amazing Puff puffs


On the way back round we also made a pit stop at Giggly Pig to sample some of their 60, yes 60, different flavours of sausages. Now anyone that knows me knows I’m a fan of a good sausage sarnie. But these sausages were something else! With no fat and a lean pork percentage of over 85% it’s safe to say they were some of the tastiest sausages I’ve tried. My personal fave was the garlic and chilli, closely followed by the honey and mustard.

354 357
Next we were taken for a private tour around Tante Marie by the Managing Director, Andrew Maxwell. Another gem that I was unaware of in the area. The culinary academy offers professional training for people looking for a career in food or hospitality. It has the most incredible facilities with 9 kitchens on site ensuring all its pupils are taught to the highest standard. We got a quick sneak peak at some of the teachers in actions producing the amazing scotched eggs and Brie banked in brioche that they were selling at their stall.



After our amazing tour of just a handful of the stalls we were taken to meet the lovely and incredibly charming Baker Brothers, aka Tom and Henry Herbert.


They were both so sweet and incredibly down to earth. After a quick chat they had to jump up on stage in the demo tent to teach us all how to make homemade sourdough bagels with hot smoked salmon. The recipe seemed surprisingly straight forward and smelt amazing.



Then before I knew it, I had somehow been plucked from the crowd by Tom Herbert to come up on stage a help him knead the sourdough.



I’m not sure I actually helped all that much, but it was great fun and Tom and Henry had me in stitches the whole time.

As I had been “such a good helper” (I’m not so sure!) I was offered to go back stage after they were finished to try the amazing bagel they had made. It was INCREDIBLE. The salmon was warm and had the most delicious smokey flavour and the bagel was warm and beautifully soft. While back stage I even got to meet the infamous Antonio Carluccio, who was also super friendly.


After all that excitement, Amie and I were free to roam the festival by ourselves and try almost everything we laid our eyes on. We started with some incredible dumplings before heading back to Giggly Pig for a sausage in a roll, and finally finishing with some of the best sliders I have ever eaten from London House.



The Beef and tomato slider from London House

We had such an incredible day and I really cant thank Woking Food Festival enough for inviting me along, and Tom and Henry for making it truly unforgettable. Also my lovely pal Amie, the majority of these photos are hers, so all the credit goes to her!


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