Experiencing Dinner with The Twits

So I few weeks ago I told you all about the super exciting new immersive dining experience that was taking place, Dinner with The Twits. Well, the lovely lot at Bumpass and Parr and Les Enfants Terribles invited me down to The Vaults for a little taster of the full event.


After dropping our bit at the entrance and picking up our gummy worm drink voucher, we were led up a rickety set of stairs where we were greeted by a table full of prosecco and what looked like little acrylic paint tubes. We could choose between peach or cherry, I opted for cherry. What I initially thought were paint tubes actually turned out to be cocktail flavouring which we all swiftly added to our prosecco, turning them blood-red.



After a quick intro from the producers, we were led down into the ghastly garden to sample some of the awful aperitifs. The garden itself was decorated incredibly well, with a huge bare tree in the centre draped in fairy lights and the floor covered in woodchip, it really did give you the feeling of being in a deserted, unkept old garden.


As entered we were then handed our sting & tonic cocktail, complete with a threatening garnish!


Once we were all inside, slowly but surely the Muggle-Wumps (the monkey’s in the Twits for those of you that can’t remember!) started making an appearance bringing with them a variety of gruesome treats for us to try. They were all placed in secret nooks and crannies around the room for people to discover. As much as this added to the experience, it did make it quite difficult to ensure you actually got to try all the food and in the end we only ended up having a couple of bits. However during the full experience I’m sure you get more time to explore.

That being said, we did get to try the Burnt Bangers – glazed chipolatas coated in smoky black poppy seeds, the Bloodied Hearts – chickens hearts in a bloody mary glaze served on sticks, and the Mouldy Delight – pieces of blue cheese served with fresh pineapple on nails that had been hammered into a smaller tree. All the food we did get to try was really tasty and certainly left us wanting more, even the blue cheese which I’m normally never a fan of, was really delicious.




Then all of a sudden, the lights dimmed and we knew something important was about to happen. There was a fan fair and in walked Mr and Mrs Twit in all their glory. They were everything you wanted them to be and more. Their costumes and makeup were incredible, I honestly felt like I had been transported back to my childhood reading the book. They clambered up on stage and greeted us all to the renewal of their wedding vows, declaring their undying “love” for each other before escorting us into Mr and Mrs Twit’s Upside Down Cocktail Cavern. Usually in the full experience you would then be taken on to have your main course of Mr Twits Bird Pie with a host of disgraceful sides and sauces as well as a truly mind blowing dessert.


The cavern is also completely in keeping with the theme with chairs and seats all hanging from the ceiling. They also serve a host of ghastly cocktails to keep you going throughout the night. The cavern is open to the public without having to buy tickets to the full experience, so if you want a taste of this crazy experience but can’t quite afford the £80 ticket price, head down.




We were lucky enough to be joined by Mr and Mrs Twit themselves and a few of their Muggle-Wumps in their cavern while we sipped our cocktails which really added to the whole atmosphere.



The whole experience was incredible and I really can’t recommend it enough, I can’t wait to go back and experience it in full. The full price tickets may seem a little steep, but when you consider the fact that you get two cocktails and half a bottle of wine as well as all the food, PLUS the experience of it all, it’s really quite reasonable.


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