Gluten Free Special – The Polish Bakery

Recently my lovely boyfriend Ed has discovered that he has a wheat intolerance. As much as I’m glad hes discovered it, it does mean we now have to think a little bit more when buying food or ordering out at restaurants, for example, did you know there’s wheat in sausages!?!? I didn’t!!!

So recently when The Polish Bakery got in touch, I was really excited to try some of their gluten free breads.


Anyone else out there who is gluten free or just wheat free will know that most gluten free products aren’t great. They are edible don’t get me wrong, but they aren’t the real thing. They always taste a bit more chewy and a bit cardboard’esque. So when you find something that doesn’t cost the earth and tastes delicious its hard not to get excited!

That’s where The Polish Bakery comes in! They got in touch wanted to send me some products to try and when I explained the gluten free issue they said no worries and sent me three great types of bread…..all gluten free. They started in 2003 and are now the oldest Polish bakery in the UK. They do have a store over in Wembley but you can get some of their bits online and in most of the big supermarket chains (tescos, asda, sainsburys etc). Although they specialise in bread, they also offer an amazing range of cakes, buns and doughnuts.

We were sent the dark bread with sunflower seeds, white bread and dark bread with seeds plus a lovely mug! We decided to try the dark bread with sunflower seeds first.


We toasted it and had it for breakfast, topped with smashed avocado, chilli flakes and grilled halloumi, a recipe I may have stolen from my fave cafe F Mondays.



It was delicious, even if I do say so myself! The bread toasted so well and had a really delicious flavour, the sunflower seeds really added to it, both in terms of texture and taste. Unlike my gluten free bread it actually tasted like bread and absorbed the butter like normal bread would rather than just sitting on the surface of it. I really can’t recommend this bread enough, it was really really yum. Perfect for lazy Sunday mornings with a cup of tea. You can’t go wrong.


We did also try the dark bread with seeds the following morning with some scrambled eggs which was also really lovely, however my fave is still the one with sunflower seeds.

We are yet to try the white bread, but I will update you all as soon as we do, and if you have any breakfast topping suggestions to go with it, please let me know……I’m thinking maybe poached eggs and something. Send me your ideas!


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