Dinner at Cicchetti

You may have hear me mention before that I love finding secret little gem’s when it comes to restaurants. Well this is certainly another one of those. Nestled in the heart of Piccadilly, I always assume most of the restaurants around there are simply tourist hot spots and usually chains. But Cicchetti is far from either of those…..OK technically it is sort of a chain as they have another one over in Covent Garden, one in Manchester and a couple over seas, but it really doesn’t feel like one!


We arrived on a bit of a whim so hadn’t booked, but luckily we didn’t have to wait too long until they sat us at their elegant marble bar.




Their Italian tapas menu is pretty extensive, they really do have something for everyone. With it being tapas they tend to suggest ordering 2-3 dishes per person. Ed and I started with octopus carpaccio, something I had never tried before. I was really pleasantly surprised by it. I expected the texture to be similar to sashimi, but it really wasn’t, it was far meatier than that. It didn’t have too strong a flavour, but was really yummy!


Next we had a beautifully creamy king scallop risotto and the tuna tartar which was to die for! Its made to your preference at your table and is possibly the best one I’ve ever had. Light but with a mustardy kick it was the perfect texture and mix of flavours, the only problem was having to split it with Ed 😉



Lastly we ordered some of the succulent chicken skewers with roasted vegetables. They were very well cooked, not too dry, but I don’t think anything would have blown us away after the tuna tartar!


The food here really is to die for, so if your looking for something truly scrummy but in the heart of the city then head over and try it.


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