An evening at La Soirée

There is a bit of a theatre theme this week on the blog. But this show couldn’t be further from The Royal. The best way to describe La Soirée is, like going to an amazing adult version of the circus……with some rather graphic adult interludes, all done in jest of course! img_5168

The show has the most incredible array of acts that had my jaw on the ground the entire way through. From the enchanting songstress Acantha Lang who opened and closed the show to hula-hooping sensation Satya Bella, the show really does have something for everyone.


You can completely understand why the show is back for a second run following its 2015 Olivier Award for best entertainment. For anyone that’s already seen it, fear not, firm favourites such as the English Gents, Captain Frodo and Ursula Martinez all still feature in the mesmorising production.



The show is the definition of captivating. It had me laughing my head off one minute, flinching and grimacing the next, to being stunned into complete silence in awe and amazement. Which for anyone that knows me is pretty tough to do!






My favourite act though had to be Denis Lock’s bubble act. Bubbles have always fascinated me, they’re so beautiful and so fragile. Never in my life before have I seen someone do what he did with bubbles, it was simply incredible and somewhat mind blowing.


The show is running until the 8th of Jan so you have plenty of time to get yourself down to Leicester Square to see it for yourself. Trust me when it say it’s more than worth a visit. Tickets start at £34.50 and is the perfect event for a group of you to enjoy.

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