The London Shuffle Club

In London we’re constantly looking for the next exciting activity. We’ve had all the varieties of mini/crazy golf (swingers, junk yard, etc..) which have had us ticking over for a while now. But now its time for something new!


Shuffleboard is most commonly associated with old people. I don’t mean that in a rude way, but it’s true! However, the London Shuffle Club are changing that mindset. Set in the heart of Shorditch this new activity is easy to pick up, you can play with up to 8 people and of course it has a live DJ and a couple of very well stocked bars too. The perfect Christmas party activity if you ask me.



The game is pretty simple, there aren’t a tone of complicated rules that you need to learn in advance. The aim of the game is to push your ‘biscuit’ (the puck) to the other end of the court and have it land perfectly (without touching any of the lines) in either the 10, 8 or 7 triangles. thumb_img_4715_1024


If it touches one of the lines, you don’t get any points. There is also a -10 box at the very end of the court, so you can’t push too hard. Once you start getting better and having more control over your biscuit you can also start aiming at other people’s biscuits to try and push them out.



The games are super quick as you only get 4 goes each before you total up the scores and then start again at the other end of the court. It was super fun and super frustrating at times, but well worth a try. Its £40 to hire the lane for an hour, so if you get a big group of you together it can work out super cheap, and trust me, an hour is more than enough time. Plus while you’re waiting for your lane, or once you have finished all your games they also have a variety of different old fashioned games you can play too, plus some snazzy Jack Daniels giant bean bags you can chill in.




Check it out while they still have space, I can see if getting booked up very quickly once people start catching on.

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