New Years Resolutions

Well 2017 is now officially in full swing. Most people are back at work and Christmas sadly, already seems like a lifetime ago. So, as is traditional with this time of year, I thought I would have a think forward about what I want to try and achieve this year with my New Year’s resolutions. I also thought if I wrote them down here, I would be a little bit more accountable for them!


1. Lets start with the boring but very necessary ones. Getting my finances in order. As i’m sure is the case with most young (ish) people my age I have an overdraft and credit card, both of which need paying off and fairly quickly! I also really want to start getting into a better routine of actually saving and putting some money aside. I’ve never been great at this but as I’m starting to get older, its certainly something I need to get better at, and there’s no better time like the present. One thing that I have noticed in the past which has helped me stick to a budget is taking out cash each week and only letting myself spend what I physically have in my purse. With contactless these days, just tapping your magical plastic card on that little machine ’till it bleeps makes it feel like its not even real money! Where as having to physically hand over cash for things definitely makes me think a little bit more about what I’m spending on.


2. The obligatorily healthy eating and doing more exercise one. I am TERRIBLE at doing any sort of exercise. I occasionally played netball last year which I actually did really enjoy, but other than that and the odd sprint for the bus in the morning, its safe to say I do nothing. Everyone always bangs on about the effects of exercise and again, as i’m getting older, I know my metabolism will start plummeting soon enough, so its good that I try and get in some sort of routine now. My mum has actually suggested a really good 30 day HIIT challenge that might be a good way to ease me into it. My diet generally isn’t too bad, but it could certainly be improved and that nicely brings me on to no.3!


3. Cook more. I really enjoy cooking and finding great new yummy recipes. I used to cook almost every night if I wasn’t out seeing friends. However I got into a really bad routine at my last job as all our food was provided for us. Great perk, but not so healthy. I found myself getting sick a lot more and just generally not having anyway near as much energy, and I think it was all down to what I was eating. So I need to get back into a good routine of making healthy meals and making sure I make enough to take some for lunch with me the next day too. This will also help with no.1!


4. Go somewhere new each month. Now this one doesn’t have to be as exotic as it sounds, as going to a new country every month is a little unattainable. But this could be a new town, a new restaurant I’ve wanted to try or a new bar. Being in London means my options are pretty limitless, and I always have a long list of places I want to try. I think New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t always be about the dull boring stuff, they should be fun too and also things that you can actually achieve, and I like to think this one covers both.

5. Travel more. Now I know I just said above that going somewhere new each month doesn’t have to be a country, and it doesn’t. But I would like to try and travel as much as I can this year. My friend Katie (who blogs over at tattytravels) is amazing at this. They don’t always have to be expensive long trips, it can just be seeing more of the UK or Europe, but I really want to try and take advantage of cheap flights and long weekends.


6. Have a proper bed time routine. Recently I have really suffered with either getting off to sleep or waking up in the night and struggling to switch my brain off to get a full nights sleep. So I’ve decided I need a proper bed time routine and I need to make sure I actually stick to it. Hopefully this should help! If anyone has any tips then please do let me know.


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