GoCustomized – PLUS 10% off code!

When it comes to my phone and gadgets I’m quite bad at making them look nice. I always make sure I buy a case of some description to keep them safe,  but tend to just go for the cheapest/safest option. ENTER GoCustomized!


GoCustomized is a young e-commerce start-up that produce personalised phone cases and tablet cases. They’ve been going since 2012 when they decided that the world of tablets and smartphones had become a bland, expressionless environment. So they did something about it! Their mission is to give you a means to give your gadget a unique and fresh new look, which if you ask me, they have succeeded very well.

So……how does it work? Well GoCustomized sent me a lovely free code so I could try out their site and see exactly how the whole process works.

First things first, you obviously need to pick the type of phone you have and the style of case that you want, e.g a soft or hard case, in white, black or transparent. The price varies slightly depending on the size of your phone, but that’s all.


Then its time to get personalising. Now this is the fun bit. You have so many different options to ensure your case is as personal to you as possible. Choose to upload your fave picture, even with the option of uploading from your Facebook or Instagram account, or choose from one of their great selection of designs and text overlays. If your an artist this is perfect for you to showcase some of your work that everyone will see on your phone!



As you can see above, each time you choose something, they drop it onto an example Iphone so you can see exactly what it will look like on your phone! You can adjust the side or rotation too if needed.

I ended up settling on this lovely design which was a combination of a coloured background and one of their preset design options.


Then simply add it to your basket, pop the usual details in and your done! I was a little worried about what the quality would be like when it arrived, or if it was actually going to look like it did when designing it, but it was PERFECT!


So because I loved it so much, I asked GoCustomize very nicely and they have given me a code that give all of you 10% off to try it for yourselves! Just add this GC-SVL-17 at the check out and enjoy! Get customising!!!

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