A sushi lovers dream – Sushi Cafe

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you will know I’m a little bit obsessed with sushi. It’s the one type of food that I don’t think I ever could or would get board of. So when I discovered this little place called sushi café in Battersea, I knew I would quickly become a regular, and I’ve been singing its praises ever since.


From the outside it’s the type of place you would walk past and not necessarily look twice at but it’s honestly an amazing hidden gem.

It’s essentially an all you can eat place, but rather than being a questionable looking buffet, you order the dishes you want from a very elaborate menu.

They have a couple of rules, obviously, otherwise they would very quickly go out of business. So….. You get your table for an hour + a half and you get to order 6 dishes per person per round, with up to 3 rounds of ordering allowed. This means, if you go with 4 people, you get to order up to 24 dishes per round, which is an insane amount of food. Trust me, I’ve done it.


Bear in mind, 1 dish can be 6 sushi rolls. So if you order 24 of them, you’re getting 144 pieces of sushi!!!!!! All of this for only £16.99 each for an adult and £8.45 for a child. There are a couple of options on the menu that you have to pay extra for if you choose to order them, but I’ve never needed to as they already have so much choice. There’s obviously a bit of a catch in that if you don’t finish everything or the majority of what you order there’s no option of take away and you do get charged an additional £5, so try and order semi sensibly.


The menu has all your usual sushi + sashimi dishes on it plus an array of other lovely bits such as tempura, noodles, katsu curry etc so it’s not just for sushi lovers. Everything is deliciously fresh and soooooooo tasty. I discovered this place probably just before Christmas and have been 4 times already. I really can’t recommend it enough!!!!


It’s not huge inside, so I would recommend booking in advance, but having said that, I’ve never struggled to get a table when booking a day or so beforehand. I also love the fact that at the end they give you a bill that shows you exactly what you’ve had



Make sure you check it out!!!


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