Pizza, Hula Girls and a Mafia Wedding // Bunga Bunga – Covent Garden

Some of you have probably already heard of Bunga Bunga, the delicious Italian/Pizza restaurant in Battersea. Well they have opened a new one with a totally different concept in Covent Garden.

For those of you that enjoy immersive dining experiences, or something a little different to your normal dinner out, this is one to add to the list. When you come in the entrance upstairs, it looks like your usual pizzeria/bar, however, once your table is called, a whole other world is waiting for you downstairs.

The theme here is a mafia style wedding where the head of the mafia’s daughter has invited your group to join her wedding reception. You enter through a rather bizarre meat market area where you’re briskly questioned to find out who exactly you’re there to see, before heading down stairs to be escorted into the “wedding” to meet the bride and groom.

Once seated, you’re treated to an incredible array of performers, from close hand magicians, hula girls, musical interludes and even an emperor makes an appearance.

And of course the food, which is served throughout all of the above. There is a set menu of 5/6 courses for £38 per person, which is pretty good value if you ask me.

Starting with focaccia and olives to nibble on, there is then a great mixture of starters to share; cured meats, burrata, risotto and salad. The burrata was a huge highlight for me, it was delicious.

A quick limoncello granite to cleanse the pallet and then the main course arrives. A huge giant pizza split into 3 sections with various toppings. It had a lovely crisp light base, the proper Italian pizza should be made.

And of course a tiramisu to finish. The food was great, but it’s certainly not the main event here. You come for the entertainment and atmosphere, the great food is just an added bonus.

If you’re planning on coming for a quite dinner with your partner, this is NOT the place. You’re coming for an incredible party, lots of music and loud entertainment. Head down with a big group of friends and enjoy everything Bunga Bunga has to offer, you won’t regret it!


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