French themed date night // Bon Vivant

I’m a big fan of French food, and I certainly don’t eat it enough. I’m a sucker for sticking to Italian or some kind of Asian food, simply because I feel like you can’t go wrong with it. But when the delightful new Bon Vivant opened its doors over near Russell Square I had to give it a go.

Inspired by owner Charmaine Abomnes’ upbringing, Bon Vivant is that chic dining spot that promises to help Londoners fall in love with France all over again, infusing everything it means to be French. The interior has a classic Parisian café feel to one side, with woven bistro seating outside which will be a huge hit in the summer. The other side of the restaurant (the dining room) has a much more elegant style with luxurious velvet booths and matching stalls, similar to the dusty pink booths you see in Sketch. Decorated with provocative French artwork and mood lighting this restaurant the perfect date night ambience.

Our lovely waitress seated up in the dining room section of the restaurant and handed us an enticing cocktail list. I had said I wasn’t drinking this month, but I couldn’t resist just one cocktail. I opted for the Dirty Pink, a great combination of gin, raspberry liquor, lemon juice, sugar syrup and egg whites and Ed went for a Mojito Imperial a la Française, essentially a Mojito! Both were delicious thought and the perfect start to our little date night.

Then it was time for the main event…..the food! The menu is obviously in keeping with the theme of the restaurant, serving typically French dishes with a lovely modern twist. To start I went for the Salmon Marine and Ed choose the Tartare de boeuf.

Both dishes came out looking like works of art, as you can see. To the point where I almost didn’t want to eat mine because it was so pretty. But we all know I did. And it was DELICIOUS. I did sadly have food envy though because Ed’s tartare was to die for. It had the perfect hint of mustard and the texture was perfect.

For main I ordered the Bavette and Ed had the Raclette which was one of the specials. Hes a little bit obsessed with raclette so you should have seen his little face light up when he heard it was on the menu.

Mine didn’t picture very well, but I promise, it was incredible. The steak, which was a little tougher than I expected, but cooked perfectly, came on a bed of truffled spinach and topped with shallots. It’s safe to say we were well and truly stuffed by the end, but we obviously couldn’t turn down dessert. The plan was to share one, but when you can’t both decide on the same thing, why not try two! I ordered the chocolate fondant and Ed had the deconstructed snickers cheese cake (that might not be exactly what they were called, apologies).

Ed was in heaven and even went as far as saying it was one of the best desserts he had ever had!

This place honestly is a must. Its on the expensive side, so don’t go expecting a cheap and cheerful evening, but trust me when I say its worth it. The food was delicious and the service was impeccable. Make sure you check it out!


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