Coffee or Beer!? // Stir Coffee

You may remember me posting a while ago about my fave little breakfast spot on Brixton hill, F Mondays. Well, it has some competition!


Stir coffee opened up a little while ago just across the road from my fave little spot and I must say, it’s giving it a run for its money.

Inside it’s the perfect place for a coffee or beer (yes they sell beer and craft beer at that) with friends, sitting and people watching or even writing a blog post 😉 It doesn’t have the same glorious little garden that F Mondays has, but it does have some outside seating out the front. So I grabbed a seat in the sun and a smoked salmon bagel





They offer a lovely range of snacks from muffins to full on breakfast buns with a range of fillings, homemade sausage rolls and delicious quiches. They also have a huge selection of soft drinks to match their incredible coffees, if your not quite ready for a beer yet!




It’s the perfect little spot to come and chill out with some friends for lunch or to just grab your morning coffee on the way to work. It really is a great all-rounder!


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