Getting holiday ready // Beauty by Joanna

As all ladies know, when you’re heading off on holiday, there’s quite a lot of maintenance that has to be arranged before you jet off. And in case I haven’t spoken about it enough already, I’m off on a rather exciting trip tomorrow! Thankfully I had the amazing Beauty by Joanna on hand to help.


In London we’re a little inundated with options when it comes to beauty treatments, spas and even at home pampering sessions. However, head out of zone 6 and the option of having someone come to your house to do beauty treatments becomes far more difficult. There are of course a handful of people that offer the service to do nails or even hair, but nothing quite like the range of treatments that Beauty by Joanna is now offering.

From spray tanning to waxing, gel manis/pedis to facials, body brushing to eyebrow tinting, Joanna’s ever growing list of treatments is second to none. Choose whether to head to Joanna’s fantastic treatment room in Oxshott for some uninterrupted relaxation, or she can do any of the treatments in the comfort of your own home. DREAM!




I decided to head to Oxshott and try the much talked about lash lift and tint treatment plus a quick manicure. I had spoken to a few people who had had the treatment and seen amazing results. No more need for eyelash curlers or even mascara for 6-8 weeks, music to my ears when I am about to spend 18 days on a beach.


The treatment takes just 45 mins and is completely stress free. There’s no glue involved and it requires no maintenance afterwards. Essentially what the treatment does is lift each lash individually at the root, and then tints the end of the lashes which are usually not as dark, giving the appearance of volume and length. The results were amazing!!!


And it was only £45, such a bargain. I’m so excited to be able to go on holiday and not have to worry about my makeup every day!

And of course, my manicure was perfect too. One stop shop to getting holiday ready.


You honestly can’t go wrong. Get booking now as she’s already in very high demand. Simply head to her facebook page, drop her an email, or call her on: 07495 878 833 to make a booking.

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