Making Pad Thai like a pro // Jamie Oliver’s Cooking Class

Every year my lovely house mates and I club together for each other’s birthdays to organise some sort of house activity/outing. The most recent one was for lovely rosy’s birthday where we took her to do one of Jamie Oliver’s Cooking Classes.


We booked the Pad Thai class which was held over at their Shepard’s Bush restaurant in a separate area at the back.



We grabbed our aprons and complimentary glass of prosecco before being introduced to Chef Tom.


The entire group (20 of us) eagerly gathered around his station to watch him work his magic, effortlessly chopping, flipping and seasoning everything to produce an incredible looking pad thai. Splitting off in two’s, it was our turn. It’s safe to say, ours was less effortless and a little more chaotic, but incredibly fun.







Some panic took over when Chef Tom nipped out for a couple of mins as everyone started doubting which step came next, but the joy of being in a big group meant we could all help each other. And before we knew it, we were done! Much to my surprise, ours didn’t look too far off Chef Tom’s! It tasted incredible and was lovely all sitting down at the end to munch on our creations.




The class was £35 each and lasted an hour which included all the ingredients, a complimentary glass of prosecco and a copy of the recipe email to you. They obviously have longer classes to choose from and think next time I would probably opt for a slightly longer one. I think it’s a great little date night activity if you don’t just want to go for dinner. Check it out!


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