26 things I’ve learnt in 25 years

As the end of my Quarter Quell is fast approaching, and I enter not only my 26th year but also officially my mid to late twenties, I thought I should take some time to reflect and look back on some of the things I’ve learnt/some things that I would have told my younger self.


So here are 26 things I’ve learnt/would tell my younger self:

1. Turning 25 is the tipping point where no longer getting ID’d is an insult, not a compliment.

2. Sun cream is your friend, no matter how much you want those tan lines.

3. You don’t have to be friends with everyone and you will grow apart from people.

4. And you’re never going to please everyone so there’s no point trying.

5. It also doesn’t matter how many friends you have, as long as the ones you do have are amazing. And yours really are!

6. Experiences are way more fun than stuff.

7. There really is no cure for itchy feet so just accept it and book a trip.

8. SAVE! Even if it’s only the tinniest amount each month, do it!

9. Drink more water, I know you think its gross but it will do you the world of good.

10. If in doubt, always take a coat!

11. Photograph everything, it’s hilarious to look back on.

12. You’re bloody forgetful! Make lists and set reminders because you wont remember.

13. If you’re going on a BNO (big night out) eating IS NOT cheating! You’ll thank yourself so much in the morning.

14. Mum genuinely is always right

15. It’s OK to speak your mind, but also learn when to bite your tongue.

16. And choose your battles, they aren’t all worth fighting.

17. Wearing next to nothing on a night out is not OK, it wasn’t then and it 100% isn’t now.

18. Your handovers are bad, REALLY bad, so don’t make any plans for the day after a night out, especially with family, and don’t mix your drinks, it only makes them worse.

19. Jäger bombs and vodka red bull are never a good idea!

20. It’s never cute or funny to look dumb or not know what’s going on in the world, at the very least, read the headlines.

21. And learn the basics of politics, that shit’s important.

22. All you can eat sushi isn’t actually a challenge, you don’t have to eat it all!

23. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. The worst that’s going to happen is they say no.

24. Not everyone is like you, you can’t always expect from others what you would do for them.

25. Learn to admit when your in the wrong, hold your hands up for it and apologies, people are usually far more forgiving when you own your shit.

26. As much as you think you should have your shit together by now, it turns out most people our age don’t, so try not to freak out about it too much.

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