A Tea Lovers Haven // T2

On a wet and dreary Wednesday afternoon, arguably the perfect weather for drinking tea, the lovely Chloe and I huddled into T2 on Regents Street.



Originally started in Australia back in 1996, the tea experts came to the UK in 2014 and now has 92 stores around the world and over 200 types of loose-leaf and bagged teas. Their brew bar is also perfect for anyone who just wants a cup of fantastic tea, brewed perfectly without the hassle of making it at home. Only £2.50 for a large cup, it’s the answer to any tea lovers prayers.



We were invited down to the flagship Regent Street store for an exciting masterclass in their organic matcha and brand new “little pot of gold”. After a quick tour of their beautiful store, filled with the most incredible aromas and colours from their huge array of products, we got down to business.





First we were learning how to make the super popular matcha. Matcha has become the new big thing in the tea world, mainly for its health benefits and the fact that its pact full of anti-oxidants and amino acids. The matcha that T2 serves is completely organic too so you know there’s no secret hidden extras in there.


Making the actual matcha was surprisingly easy. You simply start with the matcha bowl, add some boiling water to heat it, give it a swirl and then drain away. Add a heaped spoon of matcha powder to the warm bowl and then mix with 80 degree water, NOT BOILING!




Whisk in an M shape until nice and foamy and then drink. The flavour was lovely, much nicer than its older brother Green Tea!





You can also make a matcha latte by simply adding hot soy milk and some honey to sweeten. Or pour it over ice and mix with soda water and lemon for iced matcha tea.



Lastly we tried their brand new product “little pot of gold” which was aptly named based on the fantastic colour of the powder.


Just like the matcha it was very simple to make, but the flavours couldn’t have been more different. A combination of turmeric, rooibos, black pepper, cinnamon and ginger give it an almost chirstmassy taste all year round. Arguably even simpler to make than the matcha, simply foam up your hot milk by popping it into a cafetiere and plunging multiple times until visibly foamy.


Mix a heaped spoon of “gold” to boiling water to infuse and then mix in your milk. Done. Simple as that!


Any tea fan needs to check out T2 if you haven’t already. You can buy any of their products online if you don’t have one of their 18 UK stores near you, and if you sign up to their mailing list you get a ton of invites to in store events or promos.

What’s your favourite tea?

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